Planas offers government collaboration to farmers affected by the temporary "Gloria"

The minister, who has lamented the death of farmer José Bautista as a result of the storm, has encouraged everyone to work to solve this situation, because "the horticulture of Almeria is one of the mainstays of Spanish agriculture", with an important presence in international markets.

Given this type of situation, the minister has indicated that agricultural insurance is increasingly necessary, since both infrastructure and crop damage are insurable. In this regard, he has reported that Agroseguro has begun the first appraisals of all the damages that have been declared.

In the event that a farmer had subscribed his policy in the past but had not done so in this campaign, and the term to subscribe it was still open, he could avail himself of public assistance. It is also possible to finance the reconstruction of greenhouses through the EAFRD.

In some cases that cannot accommodate the above situations, farms may benefit from the Saeca guarantees, financed through the Ministry. And the Government will take into account the damages produced in the months of September and December in the modules of the IRPF of 2019.

Minimum interprofessional salary

To questions of the journalists, the minister has indicated that the rise of the Interprofessional Minimum Salary is a social commitment of the Government and represents an important advance for the whole of society. This increase is fully acceptable to the primary sector, whose workers must have the same dignity as workers in the service sector or industry.

In any case, the Government will monitor the impact that the SMI may have on certain sectors such as agriculture so that, if the effects are not the desired ones, the necessary corrections are made.

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