Planas seeks support from the autonomies to implement government measures to tackle the crisis in the agricultural sector

The minister highlighted the willingness of both the Government of Spain and the autonomous communities to respond to the concerns of farmers and ranchers and to collaborate in the implementation of measures to ensure the future of the sector and the rural world, "fundamental for the country".

This meeting is part of the series of meetings that Minister Planas is holding with representatives of all links in the food chain (producer, industry, large distribution and citizenship) to work together and find the best solution for farmers and ranchers to perceive a fair remuneration and your work is socially recognized.

During the meeting today, the various initiatives that the Ministry plans to promote, such as the modification of the chain law, to provide it with greater transparency and balance, and achieve a more equitable and fair distribution of value have been reviewed.

Among other measures, the law of interprofessionals will also be reinforced, to encourage their presence in the different sectors, since they can play a key element in improving the profitability of the sector by having legal tools to adjust supply to demand and promotional measures.

The need to organize the offer through cooperative integration, through its resizing, and producer organizations has also been addressed. The minister has said that you have to gain muscle to improve the negotiating position before industry and distribution.

Also, the meeting has highlighted the importance of the CAP to provide stability to the income of farmers and ranchers. 30% of the average income of farmers and ranchers comes from these European funds. For this reason, the Government of Spain will defend at the community level that the future CAP maintain the same budget as the previous period to meet the new social and environmental objectives demanded by society and to make farms profitable.

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