Planas: The entire food chain works in a modern, efficient and supportive way

In response to the question asked by Senator Javier Aragón, the minister has stressed that, since the state of alarm was decreed to fight against the health crisis of COVID-19, the entire food chain, whose behavior has been exemplary, is operated in a modern, efficient and supportive way. As he emphasized, farmers, ranchers and fishermen and the chain as a whole have made it possible for products of sufficient quality and quantity to not be lacking in the markets.

Planas, who has shown his solidarity with the relatives and friends of those who died as a result of this disease, has pointed out, however, that the operation of the chain has not been without problems and that is why the Government has had to act to implement effective support measures, as well as find solutions for transporting workers to farms, food industries or fishing ports.

Planas has emphasized some of the exceptional measures adopted by the Government to favor the hiring of labor in the field and that "we intend to extend" until the end of September.

The Minister stressed the effort made by both the Government and the European Commission to offer aid to the producers most affected by the Horeca channel, such as the sheep and goat sector, wine or fruit and vegetables.

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