Planas: The new environmental strategies of the European Commission must be an opportunity for farmers and ranchers

At the meeting, Planas stressed that Spain has always defended a greater environmental ambition for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), for which it shares the objectives of the strategies "From the farm to the table" and "Biodiversity". The minister has asked the European Commission (EC) for impact studies to ensure that the goals set are achievable.

He has highlighted the principle of just transition so that farmers and ranchers perceive change as an opportunity and not as a hindrance. This requires sufficient budgetary resources, time, and flexibility.

Both strategies will require investments and productive changes that require training and learning, at a time of uncertainty and difficulties derived from the current crisis. Institutions must be close to producers, especially small and medium-sized farms, to provide answers and support for the changes they must undertake. The new objectives must not be a brake on your competitiveness.

With regard to the MFF, he valued the new budget proposal as a good basis for negotiation and expressed his confidence that an agreement could be reached soon at the next European Council. Planas has pointed out that there is still room for improvement in certain aspects, especially in the rebalancing of the amounts of the first pillar of the CAP (direct aid).

The minister has hoped that, once an agreement on the community budget is reached, the debates on the reform of the new CAP can be finalized, which, he assured, contains the instruments so that agricultural farms can face the transition towards a food system with higher environmental demands, while maintaining the profitability of farms.

Planas has conveyed to the Commission the need to adopt additional support measures to the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 crisis and by the United States' export tariffs. In this context, the minister has asked the Commission to apply specific measures aimed at the olive oil sector.

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