Autumn knocks on the door so it is time to report on the Planet Comic news for October. The best independent comic USA will continue to visit the publisher's catalog thanks to brilliant titles: Paper Girls integral, Babyteeth, Oblivion song… The Star Wars saga will feature two compilations and a comic book delivery.

The protagonist of the month will be the manga, with abundant, juicy and varied releases such as Beyond the clouds, Dragon Ball, MHA, Lamu, My Father's Almanac, Grandblue Fantasy, One Piece, Manga Planet 5, The Mirror, Adolf, Dust 8 or your name. Visual guide. Finally, Manga Mania will also return. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to start collections at an unbeatable price.

More info HERE

· Start USA, BD, SW, first round Sleeve: 6/10

· Second round start: 20/10

Manga Mania output: 10/27

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