During the month of June, the protagonist of our conversations with the authors of Planeta Manga is…Ana Oncina (Neko Grl, Mangaka). Without a doubt, one of the illustrators who treasures a previous success and whose delicious and sweet style is easily recognizable. Let's go there!

How did you enter the world of illustration / comics?

I sent the project Croquette and pasty to publishers, it was published and since then I have dedicated myself fully to comics and illustration.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …

David, editor of the magazine contacted me and I was very excited that he thought of me as part of the project.

How did the plot of Neko Grl and Mangaka come about?

I am often very interested in Shojo since I started reading manga when I was a child, they were the stories that most caught my attention and from the beginning I was clear that I wanted to make stories of this cut.

Neko Grl is based on a personal story from when I was a teenager (probably the period when my obsession with Japan and its culture was at its peak) and Mangaka It is a story that I identify more with the type of work that I would like to read now and with which I could feel more identified.

What did you do first: the character creation or the script? What is your usual work circuit like?

First I write the script and from there I develop the character design. Although it is a process that is very in tune with each other because when I start to imagine the story it is inevitable for me to put a face on the characters. So when I finish the script I am quite clear about how they are going to be.

How do you value the reception the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?

The best thing for me is the number of authors and authors that I have discovered and that have amazed me with their stories. I believe that Planet Manga It has been as discovery for me as for the readers.

Your favorite Planet Manga series is…

I have several that I like, but perhaps I would highlight Uroboros by Ernest Sala, The monster from Ken Nimura or Ikigai by Sara Soler.

Next projects.

I am working on a new comic that will be released at the end of next year and meanwhile I am publishing stories every 15 days in my Patreon of Croquette and pasty and reflections with my character.

Thanks for your time, Ana! 😻

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