The machine does not stop and we continue to know more about its authors. Today we speak with Marta Salmons.

How did you enter the world of illustration / comics?
A while ago, I went to the Joso school to do the comic course with my friend where we already had the odd story in mind. At that time a teacher asked us for a portfolio to present in a project that was underway in France and there we took the first step as Skizocrilian Studio. Then we already introduced ourselves with Pechanko! in the manga contest carried out by Norma Editorial and hence we were known more nationally.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …
The editor contacted me directly, presented me with the idea of ​​the project and asked if I wanted to be part of the adventure. I doubted because we had already worked on a similar project in Skizocrilian for the French market but the desire to do a solo story again pushed me to continue.

How did the plot for MARCHITADO LIONEL come about?
It's been around a few times. The first idea of ​​the character was much more cynical and was intended for an extra story of another and the premise at the time was "Prota is bitter of his work and throws everything out." But when I started defining it I found that I wanted to tell a lot of things and concerns and I wanted it to be read independently. And has
ended up being somewhat more complex; this story boycotts me (ha, ha).

What do you do first: character creation or script? What is your usual work circuit like?
What was the first; the egg or the chicken? It depends if I work with someone else who passes the script to me, I attend to what the character and his descriptions suggest to me. If I take care of everything, I start the story with the characters a little at a time. I plan the distribution of the page, which can go and discard what is not. Then I'm going to clean it until I have the inking, put the wefts and fit and finish defining the dialogue.

How do you value the reception the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?
I think it started off on the right foot, people seem to have liked it and aroused their interest. Its strong point is the diversity of genres and types of history, making it possible to interest a wide variety of readers who like to read everything.

Your favorite Planet Manga series is…
Committed question … I like to value the series when they are already finished and they just took off with what was published. They all have their what. By series they give me a good feeling Good game and Gryphoon and I would like to highlight the short stories that I have enjoyed Midori Boshi, Soulmate, Uroboros, the Witch and Heart Piece.

Next projects.
It remains to come out Mr. Lightfeet, short story of a couple of dancers that also appears in number 3 of the magazine Planeta Manga. And the project I'm working on for Webtoon now "The cold case detective". Then I don't know what will come. 🙂

Twitter: @Soryuden
Instagram: @marth_salmons

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