Police and Civil Guard detect a slight decrease in the violations of the measures of the state of alarm

In addition, a total of 13,038 complaints have been made, figures that do not include the activity of the regional and local police and that also represent a slight decrease compared to last Monday.

In the press conference after the meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19 on Wednesday, the spokesmen for the Police and the Civil Guard agreed to highlight the work that members of the local police are carrying out during the state of alarm. of Spanish municipalities and the proper functioning of cooperation and coordination mechanisms with the rest of the State Security Forces and Bodies.

The following is the literal transcript of the intervention of the police spokesmen at the aforementioned press conference:

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González

"Today I want my first words to be a small tribute to the Local Police of all Spain, recognizing their great work, closeness and professionalism. By necessity and for justice I want to recognize the shared effort that, in all the cities of Spain you are developing. Now more than ever, the coat and the color of the uniform does not matter, we have to work as if we were a single body in full harmony and unity.

Citizens expect a lot from all of us and we will not disappoint leaving the best of all to overcome this crisis. We are traveling companions and we know that no battle is won alone.

1.- Number of detainees and records

In the last 24 hours, the number of detainees has been 55 who, added to the 425 detainees since the Royal Decree came into force, make a total of 484, observing a small decrease in the number of daily detainees compared to previous days.

Regarding sanctions, in the last 24 hours 6,039 minutes have been processed, which means a total of 42,278 since the beginning of the State of Alarm.

2.- Borders

Regarding the closure of internal land borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours there have been 315 refusals of entry and 6,051 vehicles have been controlled. There is a slight increase compared to previous days at vehicle controls.

3.-Ports and Airports

The most notable thing since the Ministerial Order establishing the temporary restriction of non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries came into force yesterday is that there have only been four denials of entry at Madrid airport.

4.- Citizen collaboration is essential.

Every day we receive notices at 091 informing us of irresponsible behavior, such as in Alicante, where a gym was clandestinely open for some members, or in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where a bar was still open for regular customers. Behaviors bordering on aggressiveness are also being noted, such as that of two Spanish men, who have tried to prevent the arrival of the entourage of elderly people affected by COVID-19 from the town of Alcalá de Valle to a residence in La Line. It means that on social networks you can see a video of one of the detainees addressing the citizenry with the phrase "come on, reinforcements, let's stop the bus from coming, let's go."

Likewise, several people have thrown several explosive devices against several National Police vehicles patrolling the Line, but they were not reached, causing damage to vehicles that were parked nearby, and no person was injured.

You know that fighting the virus is everyone's business. Each of us has a part of responsibility, some duties to fulfill if we want to turn around this situation that we have had to live. Everyone, from first to last.

Now, if the fight is everyone's job, the location of violators, irresponsible or unsupportive must be left to us. It is our responsibility, of the National Police.

If they observe any conduct contrary to the provisions of the Royal Decree, do not intervene. Yesterday, a man was stabbed in a Valencian town for trying to prevent his roommate from leaving the house and breaking the confinement.

The best they can do is call 091 and tell us what they have seen, what they have told them or what they have learned. Have no doubt that we will quickly mobilize a patrol to check the facts and act.

5.- On the other hand, today is the 25th and, as you know, this is the date when the collection of pensions becomes effective and, therefore, a greater influx is expected in banking entities.

I wanted to send a message of calm to all pensioners since they will be able to go to their branch normally, yes, maintaining the conditions established in the Royal Decree. That is, individually (except dependent people) and keeping the minimum distances to avoid infections.

The National Police have a special relationship with the banking sector through a communication channel called Red Azul. We know that some entities have provided facilities to advance collections or carry it out online in order to not go to the office if it is not necessary, but, in the case of wanting to process it in person, they will be able to do it normally with those aforementioned measures .

On this topic I wanted to make a recommendation. You know that the criminal does not rest and that he takes advantage of any situation to act. The National Police has been establishing a special device on these dates to prevent theft or theft of the pension for older people and, although we are in a health emergency and many agents are dedicated to fighting the virus, we will not neglect our homework.

Be wary of people who approach you and who, under any pretext, want to strike up a conversation with you. They may be the victim of a crime such as the so-called love theft.

Finally, I want to ask you to trust our experience and our responsibility in the performance of daily work. We are a great team, a structured, organized and disciplined team, in which the achievement of the common objective of overcoming this crisis, guaranteeing the health and safety of citizens, prevails above all.

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"Again, the Civil Guard has to mourn the death of one of its components, the Civil Guard José Antonio, stationed in the Madrid Command. From here I want to express my deepest condolences to his family and all his relatives and extend it to all those people who have lost a loved one as a result of this epidemic.

During yesterday, the more than 20,000 components (10,164 patrols) of the Civil Guard that were on duty, continued working to verify compliance with the measures adopted during the state of alarm in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Thus, in general and thanks to the exemplary conduct of the majority of the population, yesterday passed without serious incidents. However, some unsupportive and irresponsible behavior was re-recorded, which led to the arrest of 19 people for crimes of resistance and disobedience and the processing of almost 7,000 complaints (6,999) for breaching movement restrictions.

Regarding the services aimed at guaranteeing the operation of essential services, especially those related to support for health and the production, transport and distribution of basic products, I would like to highlight that yesterday the Civil Guard dedicated more than 1,400 components (1,443) to these tasks. For example, in Melilla we are collaborating in the Port for the normal supply of the city to which 60 heavy trucks with merchandise have arrived by sea in the last week.

We are aware of the difficult times that carriers are experiencing. A sector that is currently of vital importance. For this reason, the Civil Guard continues to work to monitor compliance with the obligation imposed by the authorities so that these professionals have access to the necessary services (toilets, kitchen and restaurant services) on their trips on the roads of Spain, facilitating them their work and guaranteeing supplies throughout the national territory.

In addition, the Civil Guard continues to facilitate the transfers of people affected or who may be affected by COVID-19. Thus, in the Community of Madrid accompaniments have been made to transfers made from the University Hospital of Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés (Madrid) to other clinics in the Community of Madrid in order to redistribute those affected between hospital centers. Also in Cádiz, 27 affected elderly people have been transferred from one residence to another.

Although we are aware that our action may be "a drop of water in the ocean" we all know that "the ocean would be a little less without that drop". The Civil Guard, at the request of the health authorities, has collaborated in the disinfection work of a Primary Care Center on the island of Ibiza and a sports center in the town of Menorca in which a clothing manufacturing workshop will be established of health protection, as well as that components of the GAR have set up the facilities for a mobile diagnostic center for the early detection of COVID-19 in La Rioja.

Finally, these days the use of the internet and social networks is becoming more important than usual, mainly due to the enhancement of telework, the need for information, making purchases or contacting family and friends.

Therefore, our computer crime specialists are paying special attention to this matter. Among the investigations that are being carried out, we can mention the one related to a possible cyber-fraud through the website www.donationscoronavirus.es, which was being used to request bank transfers of up to 1,000 euros to fight against COVID-19 and which has been blocked.

Every day we are detecting hoaxes and possible scams about which we warn citizens through our social networks, and we will continue to insist on it so that people are not affected by these actions. In this sense I remember that the Civil Guard has put into operation the email ciberestafas@guardiacivil.org so that they can inform us of any possible scam and we can investigate it.

I would also like to highlight the excellent work being carried out by local police forces throughout Spain and, especially, to thank the collaboration with those who share missions in more than 1,500 (1,548) municipalities throughout Spain. Thank you very much partners!

In closing, I would like to emphasize that although we may sometimes get the impression of the situation not progressing as fast as we would like, we must bear in mind that the formula for achieving success requires perseverance and perseverance on the part of all. "

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