Córdoba, Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Vox will present in the ordinary plenary session of the month of May at the city council of Córdoba, which will be held on the 14th, a motion to reduce the allocation to municipal political groups to 50%. This would mean, if approved, a total of 200,000 euros in 2020, to allocate to emergency aid and thus mitigate the crisis generated by Covid-19.

"Each political group receives more than 800 euros per councilor for the daily work of the corporation, in this case at Vox we enter about 1,700 euros a month for advertising campaigns, transportation or training expenses, among others. There are groups, such as PP or Psoe, that enter more than seven thousand euros, for example. These things are not being done nowadays since we carry out teleworking so this reduction is perfectly acceptable, ”explains Paula Badanelli, spokesperson for Vox in the Córdoba city council.

Although in other institutions, such as the Congress or the Parliament of Andalusia, Vox has proposed the elimination of one hundred percent in groups or unions, "We were certain that it would not be, reducing 100 percent of the allocation, supported by any political group, so we proposed this option. A measure that is perfectly acceptable to all ”, clarifies the Vox municipal spokesperson.

Vox warns other groups that they will have to give explanations if they vote against

From Vox we intend that "of this money that is cut from the designation to the groups, 50% is allocated to emergency aid for families and the other 50% to help sustain companies and create jobs," specifies Badanelli.

Vox warns that if PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, Izquierda Unida or Podemos do not support this motion, they will have to explain why they do not want 200,000 euros to go to aid to families and companies. "A money that political groups are going to give up and that objectively we are not going to spend", Badanelli adds that, "if you have to deprive yourself of things you have to do it, we have to be empathetic with the people of Cordoba and we have to make a sacrifice, it is the least that can be asked of a politician ”.

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