Pontevedra-Castilla: first of the two friendlies of the subsidiary this week

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NEWS | 08/01/2019 | Javier Vazquez

The team that trains Raúl faces the third preseason game (7:00 pm; Realmadrid TV).

The Castile continues with its set-up and this week travels to Galicia to face two meetings. The first one will be the one corresponding to the Manolo Martín Trophy in the Baltar field against Pontevedra (7:00 pm; Realmadrid TV). This is the third meeting of preparation of the group led by Raul, who is looking for his second preseason victory.

The first of them came on debut in front of the Segovia Gymnastics in the XX Segovia City Hall Trophy. Although the streak could not continue against Mirandés at home, the players of the Castile They showed character to fight for everything.


The Galician team was one of the contenders for the promotion playoff along with the Castile in the final stretch of last season. In fact, it was one of the dates marked in red on the calendar, since they both faced each other on the last day. Fortunately, the whites came to that classified match and Pontevedra finally took sixth place.

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