Posts of the Civil Guard receive donations of masks and other medical supplies that will be made available to health authorities

Donations of emergency medical supplies Covid19

The Institution wants to thank both the companies and the Chinese community and individuals for these donations of medical supplies by the Civil Guard Posts throughout the national territory

The Civil Guard has made available to the health authorities masks, protective gloves and various sanitary materials donated by companies, the Chinese community and individuals that have been received at the different posts of the Civil Guard throughout the national territory. The Institution wants to thank these donations because they are one more example of the solidarity shown by the public in the face of the health alert that we are experiencing.

Notable donations

In A Coruña, at the Boiro Main Post, 29 boxes of nitrile gloves of 100 units, 6 bottles of hydro-alcoholic gel of 500ml., 9 bottles of alcohol of 500ml have been received. 2 boxes of masks of 50 units, 250 masks, nitrile gloves S, M, L 10x 100, 2 XXL protection divers, 9 protection caps and two protection shoe shims.

In the Command of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza, 24 cans of disinfectant gel, 35 masks and 5 glove boxes of 100 units each have been received by a company.

In the Command of the Civil Guard of Castellón, by the President of the Chinese Cultural Association in Castellón and by a citizen of the same nationality, a total of 11,176 gloves, 900 masks, 20 liters of antiseptic alcohol and 108 cans of hygiene gel.

In Palencia, a company has delivered 250 disposable monkeys, 1 monkey and 2 masks delivered by an individual and 20 liters of liquid alcohol-based disinfectant delivered by the city council.

In the Alicante Command, an individual has donated 850 masks and 30 boxes of 100 units of gloves.

Likewise, in Lleida, two boxes of masks have been received from the Association of Chinese Paisanos.

On the Island of Lanzarote, the Chinese community has delivered 500 masks.

In Navarra, 24 bottles of bleach, 1 box of 12 bottles of soap, 2 boxes of nitrile gloves sizes M and L have been delivered, with a total of 17 packages of 100 units. And a medium bottle of Sanitizing Hydroalcoholic Gel, 6 industrial rolls of hand dryer paper, 1 package of 200 units of white bags.

In León, 100 units of polyethylene aprons, 3 masks, 15 integral glasses, 7 pairs of chemical protection gloves, 15 liters of hydroalcoholic gel, 80 nitrile gloves size M, 50 nitrile gloves size S, 7 type glasses have been received. diver and 600 single-dose hydrogel sachets. In addition, the owner of a health products store in the same town, made a donation of 4 boxes with 50 polypropylene shell-type masks.


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