Reunión con ALTODO

The General Secretary of the Popular Group in the Senate, Salomé Pradas, together with the spokesperson for Justice of the Popular Group, Fernando de Rosa and member members of the Commission, met this morning with ALTODO, Association of Lawyers for a Decent Office.

Different claims have been transferred from the Association, due to the non-payment by the Government during the months of November and December of 2019 and January and February 2020 to these professionals. They also claim other needs that the Popular Group have committed to study in order to improve the conditions of this group.

The spokesman for the Justice Commission Fernando de Rosa has stated that “from the Popular Group we express our support and, we will carry out as many initiatives as necessary so that the group of Lawyers and Lawyers of the Office Shift carry out their work in a dignified manner. From the Ministry for now they have obtained good words and little else. ”

“We cannot only leave the solution in the hands of a fast Royal Decree for the payment of arrears, which is what the minister has shielded. There are more needs for these professionals to carry out their work in optimal conditions. We are talking about a group whose job it is to defend the rights of people before the courts, and they deserve to have maximum protections, ”he explained.

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