La senadora del Partido Popular, Salomé Pradas

He assures that the table with the independentistas “is not a negotiation table, it is the table of humiliation and the sale by fascicles of Spain”

The general secretary of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Salomé Pradas, assured today, in the control session to the Government that “Pedro Sánchez will go down in history as the president of Spain who ruled against Spain. "We are going to call things by name, and this is not a negotiating table, it is the table of humiliation and the sale by fascicles of Spain," Pradas said.

The general secretary of the popular in the Senate has referred in her question to the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Clavo "on the objectives pursued by the Government with the meeting held with Catalan independence parties on February 26".

"And you – in allusion to the Government – want to make us believe that this is for the good of Catalonia." "What Catalonia," he asked, "the independent of Spain that the separatists dream of?"

Thus, Pradas has assured that “the best future of Catalonia goes through the best future of Spain, and that can only be achieved through respect for the rule of law and compliance with the Law; and with whom you feel, you are condemned for breaking the constitutional order and the Law. ”

"With whom this Government meets, they want to liquidate Spain and the Constitution and threaten us with the definitive struggle, the same week they meet with you," Salomé Paradas reproached Carmen Calvo.

He has also affirmed that “it is ashamed that from the Government of Spain they justify with the Constitution the so-called dialogue; what dialogue are we talking about, if all this is a great disloyalty to Spain ”. "Tell me Minister, with all this infamy, what objectives the government pursues with its meetings with Catalan independence parties," he added.


Similarly, at another point in his speech, Pradas has addressed Calvo asking him to "stop using the constitution to justify the unjustifiable and whiten infamy."

In this sense, the general secretary of the popular in the Senate has recalled that the Government of the PSOE and Podemos “sit at a table with independent political parties, whose leaders are criminals in jail or escaped, and not any criminals, but convicted for undermining the Constitution and rising against Spain, and those who already tell them in advance that they will not renounce the independence of Catalonia and amnesty ”.

In a row, the popular senator for Castellón has assured that from the Executive “they want to make us believe that this is for a better future, but not; the only one who looks for his best future is Pedro Sánchez and for this he kneels before the separatists, even promoting the reform of the Criminal Code to pardon the way back; all to hold on to his chair ‘monclovita’ and at the expense of Spain ”.

“The PSOE, previously supported the Popular Party when a PP government had to face Catalan independence with the tools of the rule of law, on the contrary, now they have given themselves to the independentistas, they deliver Spain and trample on the word Constitution and constitutionalism ”, is over.

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