This year, when the festival of the Immaculate coincides on Sunday, eight autonomous communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Extremadura, Madrid and La Rioja) move this holiday to Monday, December 9, giving rise to a Long period of leisure and long and short travel on the roads.

The main destinations will be the mountain areas for winter sports, as well as tourist rest areas and second homes.

The roads on which greater traffic intensity is expected are:

As usual at this time of year, the weather conditions of rain, ice, fog and even snow, can be adverse conditions for driving, so it is essential to have the right information to plan trips correctly.

Exceptional measure in despeñaperros

This year, and due to the last episodes of rains in the province of Jaén, the erosion of the land has produced a sinkhole on the A-4 Highway in the surroundings of La Carolina, Jaén that has forced the Ministry of Development to undertake works of emergency and proceed to the cutting of said highway between kilometers 269 and 271 Córdoba.

To save the affected area, the General Directorate of Traffic has planned an exceptional device in the area during the bridge in order to minimize possible retention. On Thursday and Friday, a transfer is established through which and through cones two lanes towards Madrid are enabled, to give way in the opposite direction to the vehicles from the capital and leaving a single lane for the circulation of the vehicles coming from Andalusia

On Sunday and Monday, we proceed to establish the same transfer but in the opposite direction, that is, two lanes will be left in the direction of Madrid and a single lane for those who travel towards Andalusia. These vehicles between kilometer points 269 and 271 will run along the enabled lane in the opposite direction to the usual one.

In the event of possible retentions in the area, those drivers who go from the downtown area to Andalusia are recommended to use the following alternative itineraries.

For heavy vehicles, an exceptional restriction has been established, so that between 3 pm and 10 pm on Thursday, December 5 and between 8 and 3 pm on Friday, December 6, they cannot drive through

  • Highway A-4 direction Madrid between kilometer points 323 (Andújar) and 230 (Almuradiel)
  • Highway A-4 direction Córdoba between kilometers 230 (Almuradiel) and 300 (Bailén)
  • Highway A-44 towards Bailén between kilometers 0 and 36 (Jaén)

So that these vehicles can circulate avoiding the affected area, they will be diverted at kilometer 170 of the A-4 along the A-43 towards Ciudad Real to take the National 420 to Montoro and link again with the A-4

At the service of the driver

In accordance with these forecasts, the DGT has established a series of measures aimed at facilitating the circulation and safety of the different road users, among which are:

  • The installation of additional lanes on roads that register greater traffic intensities, especially in the vicinity of large urban centers.
  • The restriction of the circulation on certain days, sections and hours of the circulation of trucks in general and of certain goods in particular. The specific restrictions can be found on the Web
  • Paralysis of the works that are currently being carried out on the Spanish road network and suppression of sports events and other events that involve the occupation of the road.
  • Intensification of surveillance on the ground and from the air of the behavior of drivers while driving on all types of roads, especially in conventional ones.
  • Alcohol and drug controls anywhere, anytime of the day.


Two basic rules of road safety are prevention and prudence. Therefore, it is only necessary to put into practice what is known:

  • Plan the trip on the safest route to avoid unforeseen events. On twitter @DGTes, with the #PuenteDiciembre, on the web and in the radio newsletters, the real-time traffic situation and the incidents that may exist are reported.
  • Better slower, especially on conventional roads.
  • Respect the speed established on each track and maintain the safety distance with the preceding vehicle. Invading this safety distance is aggressive, unacceptable and, most seriously, causes accidents.
  • If you drink, do not drive and if someone in the group with whom you have drunk is your responsibility not to let him drive.
  • Turn off the phone if you are going to drive or put the car mode on those devices that have it incorporated. There is nothing I can't wait for. Also, if you leave as a passenger, do not let the driver manipulate the mobile.
  • Keep the dipped beam lights on all day long, in case the vehicle does not have daytime running lights. It is very important to be seen on the road
  • Wear a safety belt and children in your child restraint system, both long and short distances.
  • Stop every two hours on long journeys to rest. Driving fatigue is a bad ally.
  • Special attention to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians … they are vulnerable users, space is finite and everyone has the right to travel.

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