CEOE and Cepyme reject outright the agreement reached between the PSOE coalition and Unidas Podemos and EH Bildu to repeal the labor reform in exchange for their support for the latest of the extensions of the state of alarm.

This pact supposes an outrageous contempt for social dialogue, which is dynamite; to the role that the Constitution itself grants to the social agents and, in this sense, to the State institutions themselves at the most delicate moment of the Spanish economy and, therefore, when this dialogue becomes more necessary.

So much so, that it also ignores the recommendations issued this Wednesday by the European Commission, in which it raises the need to base the recovery in the medium term on measures to support employment taken in agreement with the social partners, such as the relaxation of Labor conditions.

The agreement reached is one of major irresponsibility and will have incalculable negative consequences on the Spanish economy and on business confidence, both nationally and internationally, which will have a profoundly negative impact on employment.

At this time, in which the Government itself deals with employers and unions with flexibility measures in the workplace to guarantee the subsistence of thousands of companies and millions of jobs, in the sectors hardest hit by COVID-19, it is totally inconsistent and On the contrary, sign an agreement to step back and increase rigidity in the labor market.

In this way, all efforts made through the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE), will hibernate the workforce and safeguard millions of jobs.

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