Press release December 23, 2020

In recent days there has been the immediate and surprise closure of the French border with the United Kingdom in reaction to the outbreak of a new strain of COVID-19, which has caused the retention of thousands of carriers, many of them Spanish, with your vehicles.

The economic and supply chain impact is enormous, as is the human drama caused by retaining and blocking drivers for two nights, without sufficient means to attend to them, and with the prospect of not reaching their homes at Christmas .

The European Commission has just issued a recommendation urging coordination and facilitating the mobility of carriers, given the essential service they provide for EU citizens.

From CEOE, and in support of the sectoral transport organizations CETM, ASTIC and the autonomous organization ATA, we request the urgent support of our Government to intervene immediately and exercise the pertinent diplomatic actions before the French and British governments, in order to organize the return of our drivers.

Likewise, we request that support measures be adopted to meet the basic needs of carriers trapped in the United Kingdom, especially to cover those drivers who suffer a possible contagion that prevents them from returning to their homes, avoiding leaving them to their fate.

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