Press release January 19, 2021

The Governing Bodies of CEOE, meeting this Tuesday with ordinary character, have unanimously decided to approve the document on the extension of the temporary employment regulation files (ERTEs) until next May 31.

In addition, CEOE has supported ATA's request to provide protection and assistance to the self-employed who are being affected by capacity and activity limitations by administrative order.

Strengthening the Tourism area

On the other hand, at the same meeting, the appointment of Jorge Marichal, president of the CEHAT hotel association, as president of the CEOE Tourism Council, and of José Luis Yzuel, president of Hospitality of Spain and member of the Board of Directors was reported. of Cepyme, as vice president of the same.

These changes, together with the appointment of Inmaculada Benito as CEOE's new Director of Tourism, Culture and Sports, reinforce the defense of business interests and the dialogue between companies and the Administration in these areas.

Thus, a further step has been taken in designing a representative structure in the field of tourism that combines the presence of the main activities present in the sector and the interlocution of the entire range of companies, from the smallest to the large corporations.

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