Do you already have the fourth volume of Planet Manga? Here we leave you a previously of the ongoing series to refresh your memory …


Desiring to solve the mystery surrounding her brother's disappearance, Ann returns to her adoptive family's village. But all you will find is a desolate place inhabited by strange monsters. Just when they are about to attack her, a military convoy appears to pick her up and take her to the military base where Thomas -the captain of the section- will interrogate and imprison her. But Ann's luck will turn around when that same night she discovers that one of the soldiers is Eiden, a childhood acquaintance who will help her escape.


Although Noah and his friends have finally been able to flee from the hunters, this mishap has forced them to stray from the path. They are lost, time is running against them and it seems increasingly impossible for them to achieve their goal, but Noah's brother's journal may be his last hope to find a shortcut that will lead them directly to the Gryphoon Academy. Along the way they will meet Rain, a silvana who will join the team and guide them along the dangerous route of "The Forbidden City of Garnata". But what they don't know is that a real threat lies in wait for them among the ruins: the fearsome "Black Wind".

Alter ego

Thanks to Elena's efforts, the relationship between her two best friends is improving to such an extent that Noel begins to feel confused about her feelings towards June. Her pride doesn't allow her to see what she really feels towards her former enemy, but her concern about June's family past will uncover the passion that exists between them.


Although the situation on Earth is still not good, the work to clean up the atmosphere is beginning to bear fruit, but Shion's coexistence with the rest of the crew of the ship is increasingly conflictive. Also, investigations into its origins are being very hard for her. Finally, after being unfairly blamed for an explosion in the purification systems, the situation becomes so unsustainable within the colony that Koro decides to flee to Earth with Shion.

Meadow Queen

After being called up, Kethrylia decides to defect and leave the Mainread kingdom. The main roads are full of soldiers, so you will be forced to enter a lush forest. Lost among these unknown lands, she will meet a young merchant who will not only help her overcome the dangers of the forest but will also show her that her whole life has been a great lie.

Aron fire

A group of dissidents infiltrates the scientific laboratories of the Roch Corporation in order to steal secret files. During the mission, by accident, they released Experiment BH-29 or also known as Aron. Although it seems that Aron's problems end with his release, the truth is that they will only begin. Although he does not know it, the truth is that it is a potential destructive weapon and that is why he is persecuted by the organization and watched by the rebels.


Eriko has already searched in every corner of her room, but her sketchbook is nowhere to be seen. What you can not imagine is that whoever has his notebook is his mysterious boy and he does not fit in his amazement when he sees that he is in the living room of his house with the intention of giving it to him. Apparently, this boy turns out to be Yuusuke Kenji, a promising young rugby player in Japan. After a pleasant chat between them, in which Yuusuke praises Eriko's talent, Eriko decides to draw a picture in gratitude and go to deliver it in person to the athlete's university.

Good game

After a jury approved the demo for their video game, Enishi and Yuki are now officially participating in the Good Game Academy contest. Although they know that the road will be difficult, even more so with a somewhat strange and enigmatic instructor, both are eager to start their project and meet their peers and opponents.

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