Do you already have the copy of Manga Planet 5 with the cover of Laia López? Do you want to refresh the thread of the series in progress? Here is a summary ^ __ ^


It is a miracle that Noah is still alive after his encounter with "Black Wind", but due to this incident now his secret has been exposed. Noah is not a candidate and therefore should not have auditioned to become Gryphoon. So, in order not to harm the rest of her classmates, she will decide to separate from the group and arrive alone at the doors of the academy. There he will again have a tough fight with "Black Wind", but thanks to the help of his friends the victory will be for the aspiring heroes. At last they are just one step away from achieving their goal, but the clock has reached zero and that means they have failed to pass the test.


Taking advantage of the fact that the entire military camp is busy organizing the expedition abroad, Eiden and Ann decide to organize their escape. Everything seems to be going well until Studs, a faithful follower of Thomas's orders, suspects that something out of the ordinary is happening. After a struggle, it seems that the only option for the protagonists is to return to ground zero; your home and the place where it all began.

Good game

The first votes are getting closer and closer and all the contestants are working hard to present their video game. And although Yuki is very excited about the contest, she can't help but think about how to get a friendship with her secret brother. On the other hand, Alex's only goal is to win the contest at all costs. You will even be able to boycott the work of others.

Meadow Queen

The King of Rian is, in reality, a vile assassin who has usurped the throne of Mainread and now that Kethrylia knows this horrible truth, she will not be able to abandon her destiny or leave behind everything she loves. So he must again brandish his sword to defend the rightful queen and save Violen.


Little by little Eriko is realizing that the institute in which she studies may not be the best place to achieve her dream of becoming a mangaka. In addition, his relationship with Hitoshi is increasingly tense as his friend's lack of empathy for his passion for drawing is putting their friendship at risk.


After the unexpected fight in a bar, Aura and Aron decide to take shelter at Burt's house. He, who loves the girl with the rainbow hair like a daughter, is worried about her as he considers Aron to be too unpredictable and therefore highly dangerous. But the conversation is interrupted by a huge explosion that will completely destroy the entire building.

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