The Ministry of Development, after analyzing the concurrent conditions of this strike call, subscribes to the minimum services corresponding to the call for a strike at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) airport, scheduled for the next days July 27 and 28 .

These minimum services are aimed at making the general interest of citizens and, in particular, their mobility needs compatible, especially during these days of high holiday demand, with the right to strike of the group of workers, about 2,700, according to the information provided by the company itself.

Iberia serves 27 companies at the Barcelona airport, so the number of flights affected could be of the order of 1,000 during the planned strike period.

The minimum services decreed are the following:

  • 100% of the domestic services of each airline for each route with the airports of the non-peninsular territories. Where appropriate, services related to air transport on routes under public service obligations and flights dedicated to emergency work such as ambulance, fire, organ transport for the National Transplant System, surveillance, civil protection and rescue , etc.
  • 54% of the services of each airline for each route with Spanish peninsular and foreign cities, whose alternative means of public transport means a route with a travel time equal to or greater than 5 hours.
  • 32% of the services of each airline for each route with Spanish peninsular cities whose alternative means of public transport means a journey with a travel time of less than 5 hours.
  • Where appropriate, flights scheduled for the transport of universal postal mail and perishable products, when these are carried out with aircraft dedicated exclusively to cargo.
  • Those technical operations of positioning and others such as the situation of crews, necessary for the effective realization of the air transport services considered as essential, those operated in the periods between days of strike and those after the end of the same.
  • Those flights, both cargo and passengers, whose scheduled departure time was prior to the start of the strike and whose expected arrival occurs during the strike period.
    The resolution also establishes that Iberia must adopt the necessary measures to ensure that these essential services are provided under the usual conditions of the service, maintaining the personnel strictly necessary for the period affected by the call, safeguarding at all times the security of operations .

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