Before the serious disturbances that in the last days are taking place in different cities of Catalonia, the Congress of Deputies reaffirms its rejection of any manifestation of violence and its commitment in the defense of the Constitution, the current legality and the principles, rights and freedoms that emanate from it.

Faced with the barbarism of those who disturb the peaceful coexistence between the Spaniards, the State Security Forces and Bodies, together with the Mossos d'Esquadra, have been carrying out exemplary work for the protection of property and the safety of all. Thanks to their work, professionalism and sacrifice, and despite the lack of institutional support from the regional authorities, the citizens of Catalonia have seen the strength and validity of the rule of law.

It is essential, in the institution that houses national sovereignty, to show the recognition of all Spaniards to the exemplary and selfless work carried out by these public servants.

For all this, the Congress of Deputies declares its strongest condemnation of violent acts carried out in recent days by radical elements in Catalonia, expresses its solidarity and encouragement to the millions of citizens who are suffering from this terrible situation and shows their unconditional support to the State Security Forces and Bodies, as well as to the Catalan Autonomous Police, and especially to all those of its members who have been injured in the performance of their duties, for their impeccable work and the professionalism demonstrated for the defense and protection of the rights and freedoms of all.

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