The president of the Provincial Council, José Entrena, has withdrawn from the agenda of the Presidential Commission the proposal of the VOX provincial group to reprove and dismiss the delegate of Social Welfare, Olvido de la Rosa, as the person most responsible for the delay in the collection of more than 20,000 masks that the Junta de Andalucía assigned to the province to be distributed among the people of Granada.

Cristina Jiménez, VOX provincial deputy, has presented a motion to urge the disapproval and dismissal of the delegate of Social Welfare, something to which the government of the Provincial Government has refused, "without providing a specific report on why it rejects it, a decision that we consider to steal the legitimate debate in the Provincial Council ».

The VOX provincial deputy specifies in her letter that “a few weeks ago, specifically during Holy Week, we knew that the Andalusian Government made 20,000 masks available to the Granada Provincial Council on Holy Wednesday; However, we found the unpleasant news that the Deputy delegate of the Social Welfare Area, Ms. Olvido De la Rosa, and responsible for the distribution of the masks, had the intention of delaying it until Monday of the following week for being public holidays, and apparently and ultimately were distributed two days later, with the media of the Junta de Andalucía, as published in the media ».

For Cristina Jiménez, «due to this unfortunate way of acting on the part of Mrs. Deputy Olvido De la Rosa, trying to make the distribution of masks wait four days, the Granada Provincial Council has been in the news in the national media for this embarrassing fact. The attitude of the Deputy constitutes serious negligence, since absolutely exemplary attitudes are expected from those responsible for public administration in the performance of their duties. There is no pause in the fight against the Coronavirus, every second that the population is not helped, is a second that can cause new infections that even reach a fatal outcome, knowing that the users of Home Help are for the most part elderly population, with the aggravating factor in our province in relation to the number of those affected by COVID19 as it is the most severely punished in all of Andalusia ».

"From the current government team made up of the Provincial Socialist Group, exemplary is expected, a way of managing is expected, diligently attending to the fulfillment of its functions, and during this health crisis in which Spain is being severely punished by COVID-19, more exemplary and even more diligence is expected in the fulfillment of its functions; that is why, from public institutions we must now be more than ever, at the height of circumstances and what citizens expect of us, we must maintain the credibility of political leaders by making appropriate decisions that convey certainty, and therefore , we cannot consent to the lack of diligence that the delegate delegate of Social Welfare has had », concludes the motion presented.

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