19.70% of public employees belong to the state public administration, 51.94% to autonomous communities, 22.32% to local entities and 6.05% to public universities.

The total number of employees in all public administrations is 2,578,388, 0.2% less than in the previous semester, according to the Statistical bulletin of the personnel at the service of the public administrations corresponding to January 2019, published by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

By public administrations, in relation to the previous semester, personnel has increased by 0.44% in local entities, while it has fallen by 0.14% in the autonomous communities and 0.93% in the State Public Administration.

Within the latter, the decrease has been more pronounced, with 197,576 public employees now compared to 202,030 the previous semester, 1.72% less, in the General State Administration (personnel of the ministries without counting members of the Armed Forces , State Security Forces and Bodies, Administration of Justice and specific organisms).

Decline and aging of public employees of the AGE

In the General State Administration (AGE), in addition, the decline of the last ten years has reduced the number of public employees from 238,851 to 197,576, 17.3% less.

This decrease in public employees is one of the reasons why Last week 8,102 places were called in the General State Administration, an offer that will lead to unprecedented selective processes, which will concentrate approximately 200,000 applicants.

It is also the first measure adopted, after a multi-year methodology was implemented for the first time this year to optimize the Public Employment Offer and deal with the aging of the workforce, with an average age of 52 years in the General State Administration and with retirement provisions for half of public employees (almost 70,000) in ten years.

Personnel of the set of Public Administrations by type:

In the state Public Administration:

The autonomous communities employ more than half of public employees

The 2,578,388 public employees are divided into 507,830 (19.70%) of the State Public Administration, and within this, the General State Administration (ministries) only represents 7.66% of all public employees in Spain.

The Autonomous Communities, with 1,339,111 public employees, represent 51.94% of the total. Local entities, with 575,405 public employees, 22.32%, and university staff, with 156,042 workers, 6.05%.

More women than men

Of the 2,578,388 public employees working in Spanish public administrations, 1,451,022 are women (56.27%) and 1,127,366 are men (43.72%).

In the State Public Administration, there are more men, 349,062 (68.73%), than women, 158,768 (31.26%). But if the personnel of the ministries are taken into account and the Administration of Justice and FFAA and FCSE (traditionally masculinized groups) are excluded, the staff, 197,576 people, is made up of 102,544 women (51.9%) and 95,032 men ( 48.09%).

In the autonomous communities, more than double are women, 932,431 (69.63%), compared to 406,680 men (30.37%).

Local entities have 575,405 public employees, of which 289,879 are women (50.38%) and 285,526 men (49.62%).

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