Attacks on VOX in Olite since last July 4.

The time has come to tell the very serious events that have been taking place in Olite since last July 4th.
This is no longer just about VOX. This has to do with freedom and justice!
As you know, on July 4 VOX Navarra members and supporters suffered an unpleasant episode of physical and verbal violence after visiting some wineries in Olite. The aggression was organized by groups from the extreme left of Spain, calling themselves "anti-fascists."
Therefore, as confirmed by the townspeople, most of the violent ones were NOT from Olite, but they did seriously damage the image of the city, since the altercation was published in all media. And we are talking about a city that lives mainly on tourism.
This attitude could be expected from radical anti-system groups, incapable of measuring the consequences of their actions "for ordinary people" and for the prosperity of a city. The surprising thing is that among the violent we saw a COUNCILMAN from the city council of Olite . Well, a month has passed and the attacks on VOX continue in their most totalitarian line by the Olite city council (Podemos + Bildu + PSN).
This time, the wick has been lit by the request for a plenary session by Na + to "condemn what happened on July 4".
At this point, we are forced to clarify some things:
VOX is a Spanish political party founded in late 2013, which has NOTHING to do with historical figures from the past.

At VOX we advocate the conciliatory spirit of transition.

They cannot say the same "other parties" that make up "Let's group" those who so much like to talk about human rights, but …
– Arnaldo Otegui, coordinator of EH Bildu, was convicted of kidnapping the director of a factory to whom he NEVER paid the compensation he owed.
– Three Bildu leaders sentenced to prison for their links to ETA terrorism, have reserved a seat in the Basque Parliament (Jul 2020).
– Remember that ETA imposed terror with more than 800 murders, 86 kidnappings (10 of them murdered) and thousands of extortions.
Similarly, we must not forget the exaltation of communism by the leaders of Podemos. That makes them a communist-style party.

"As we know, the European Parliament in 2019 condemned communism and its crimes, equating them to those of Nazism"

Therefore, from VOX Navarre we extend the sentences proposed by «Let's group and PSN» and condemn:
Any terrorist act (as well as tributes to terrorists who have murdered and who are convicted)
Any type of totalitarianism: abertxale, nazi or communist, that uses terror and violence to persecute the dissident and implant his unique thought.
Does this behavior sound familiar to you? We do, but we are no longer afraid!
The racism:
– Defending legal immigration and denouncing the mafias that traffic in people and that endanger the safety of the Spanish.
– Taking measures against immigrants who are not integrated.
– At VOX we care for ALL Spaniards, regardless of their sexual orientation.
– We represent all those homosexuals who do not submit to the dictatorship of the lobby "LGTB …"
– At VOX we do not instrumentalize homosexuals for ideological purposes
The male chauvinism:
– At VOX we want to truly protect women, and therefore we ask:
. Reviewable permanent prison for rapists and murderers.
. Immediate expulsion of immigrants convicted of a crime against women.
The VioGen law has been shown to be unfair and ineffective!
At VOX we will always remain LOYAL to the CONSTITUTION. Even to reform it, if the Spanish want.
What if. We think that autonomies are a source of inequality and tension between Spaniards, as well as a waste of bureaucratic and political parallels.
We are not going to allow it to give us lessons: whoever "ties" the flag of Spain during the medieval festivals, does not condemn the attack on its visitors for not agreeing with their ideas and seeks the "euskaldunización" of Navarre society, in order to popicia their annexation to vascongadas.
At VOX we have come to stay !!! You will ALWAYS find us next to FREEDOM and DEFENSE of SPAIN and the Spanish !! We will NEVER stop giving the cultural battle against the ideological impositions of the left and we will NEVER NEVER be afraid of you !!!

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