• Rafa Hernando accuses Pedro Sánchez of "hiding" before the ERE ruling and of "not asking for forgiveness in the event of corruption in the history of Spain, 680 million euros disappointed."
  • He affirms that “his silence makes him an accomplice” and demands that Sanchez explain if he maintains the same thesis that he had in the past with other people who were not from his party and that he used to present a motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy. "Cheating yourself cannot be," he stressed.

  • "Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz can not continue" quiet, hidden and draining the package. " "I demand that you apply the same doctrine and philosophy that Sanchez applied to people who were not from his party, such as Mr. Rajoy."

  • He points out that the ERE ruling is not as Mr. Ábalos says “a case that exclusively affects public office, but involves two former presidents of the Junta de Andalucía, Chaves and Griñán, who used a system of widespread corruption”.

  • He says that yesterday Mr. Ábalos was unable to apologize to the Spaniards and the Andalusians. “A Community so punished by unemployment has seen how the money that should have been allocated to the unemployed was dedicated to institutionalizing a corruption regime.”

  • He asks Sánchez if he believes that an issue that had to do with 200,000 euros and that he used to overthrow a government and label a corrupt party, is now applicable to a case that affects two former PSOE presidents, a vice president of the Government de Zapatero and a Labor Minister at the stage of Felipe González.

  • Hernando asks Pablo Iglesias, who once accused PP deputies of being potential criminals, if he now thinks that socialist deputies and senators are also "potential criminals."

  • He emphasizes that "the left, the PSOE, has used the money of the social services of the most needy to remain in power and establish privileges with the sole intention of maintaining its regime and remaining in power."

  • "This ruling should lead the PSOE to assume responsibilities, to apologize to the Spaniards, as we did in the past when we were affected by corruption cases that disgust us all."

  • Hernando recalls that Sanchez chose his "partner and travel companion" on the same election night. "Iglesias, with his silence, has already expressed his position" in the case of the ERE.

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