The Vox Coordinator in Jerez, Ramón Aumesquet, has held a meeting with Mr. Oscar Sordo Díaz, director of Flight Training Europe (FTE Jerez), pilot school that carries out its training activity at Jerez Airport.

Once the municipal government has once again lost the opportunity to create 200 direct jobs in the city, after the American company Willis abandoned its aeronautical project due to the lack of institutional support both from the City Council and from AENA and the Ministry of Transport. The local group of Vox Jerez expressly supports pilot school yes it is a consolidated business reality at the decaying La Parra Airport.

FTE Jerez generates more than 250 jobs to instruct an average of two hundred pilots and one hundred air traffic controllers annually with a investment mainly from personal resources of twenty-five million euros. Despite not receiving any public aid or subsidy, it is the first basic training center in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

Soon the administrative concession on the exploitation of the facilities that the pilot school occupies on AENA land will have to be renewed, but this body dependent on the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, intends exorbitantly increase the annual fee for the use of said facilities, reaching sixfold.

If AENA remains in such inadmissible demand, FTE would consider the business abandonment of the city, circumstance that Jerez cannot afford Jerez.

VOX Jerez demands that mayoress socialist Mamen Sánchez, lobby the government central of its same political sign, so that the state company AENA does not provoke with its manifest abuse of income increase that another company in this city has to close with the consequent increase in unemployment and poverty.

Similarly, it urges ENAIRE, a company also dependent on the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, facilitate and provide the pilot school with sufficient airspace utilization, in order to be able to carry out the practices of their students. Last year FTE Jerez made more than 30,000 flights.

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