Jerez de la Frontera, May 10, 2020. – The critical economic situation of special education centers due to the Covid-19 crisis which has caused the stoppage of subsidies of the City Council, Provincial Council and Junta de Andalucía, and the decrease in private income, together with government announcement of the possibility closing of special education centers, has alerted the VOX team in Jerez de la Frontera, whose Coordinator, Ramón Aumesquet, has held telephone meetings with different solidarity associations with people with disabilities, among others, ADIFI (Association of people with physical disabilities), ONCE Jerez, ASMELT (solidarity associations with people with mental difficulties), AFEMEN (association of relatives and people with severe mental illness) and UBJ Basketball Club. The objective is to work on a series of proposals that the local group led by Aumesquet will present to their elected positions in the Congress and in the Parliament of Andalusia.

The different associations of people with disabilities have shown the critical economic situation they are going through, since the majority have paralyzed public subsidies and some have been cut, and have suffered a decrease in revenue from private partner fees, due to the economic crisis by the Covid-19. We have been told that they have projects without being able to carry out. Some associations have had to lower hours of contracts to workers and others have formalized an ERTE.

To this already difficult economic situation they are going through, the Government's proposal is added, through the process of the Education Law Project, that it is possible to transfer minors with intellectual disabilities to ordinary schools, within a period 10 years, leading to the closure of special education centers. They have transferred to us their position that they do not share this measure. The different affected entities complain about the announcement of this measure at a time when nobody can defend themselves, due to the Alarm State.

Given the possibility of the closure of special education schools, most have transferred their concern. They say that the stimuli that a child with an intellectual disability needs are not the same as those that other children without disabilities may need. There are children with intellectual disabilities who become integrated among the rest of the children in an ordinary school, but there comes a time when cannot advance to the same level. For personal autonomy, self-knowledge and emotional well-being, it is recommended that they study in a special education school, where they find more specialist teachers. This way they will not have the feeling that they do not arrive or that they are left behind in the subjects.

At the end of the telephone meetings, Ramón Aumesquet transferred to the associations his commitment to special education schools, which were already included in the 100 Vox measures, and were informed that the local group is going to work on a series of proposals that they will present to their elected positions in Congress and in the Parliament of Andalusia, where they will exert pressure on the Government and the Junta de Andalucía respectively.

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