Ramos: "A decisive week is coming and we must be stronger than ever"

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NEWS | 02/22/2020 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"We have created many clear occasions and we have not finished them and they have had one and taken advantage of it," said the captain.

Sergio Bouquets attended the media after the game against Levante. The captain explained how the team is: “We are quite screwed by the situation, the result and not having the three points that kept us leaders. The team has played a good game, what we had worked during the week we executed, but the goal was missing. "

"Now comes a decisive week to work and not forgive. We have created many clear occasions and we have not finished them and they have had one and have taken advantage of it. Now is when we have to be stronger and stronger than ever."


“Whoever has seen the game, removing the result, is satisfied. The Real Madrid He has made a great game. We have maintained possession, we have known how to play in a field that is not easy before a very uncomfortable and intense opponent, and we have known how to create spaces and occasions. The goal did not come in, but we will try to work so that the goal arrives in the most decisive week. ”

Controversial hands

“It depends on who, this referee doesn't surprise me at all. The match ended and I talked with him. I get annoyed because it is an unpleasant situation that you are conditioned with a card in the 10th minute after receiving an elbow and an entry. It gives you a lot to think about, it seems to be predetermined. "

The team has played a good game, but the goal was missing.

"For me it is not easy, before you could talk with the referees, respect and education always have to have them, and some can not be told anything. What less have that respect to the captains who come to facilitate things "


“It's outrageous, that's why the game ended and I asked if it was personal if it could be solved. Above all, you have to stay focused so as not to leave the team with one less and I went with lead feet to not suffer a red card. It is respectable, you can be wrong, I hope in the next one it benefits us ”.

Manchester City and Barcelona

“We face it with great enthusiasm. We're going pretty screwed, it's hard to get leader and go second. It has taken us a lot to be up, but you have to turn the page. A magical week is coming, how nice to be able to dispute the Champions and the League with which is leading. It is a week to demonstrate and take a giant step by winning the City first and then the Classic. ”


“The bad news is the injury of Hazard, hopefully not as serious as the first. You will have your medical checkup and come back as soon as possible. It seems that when he is well again and helping the team he suffers another injury. "

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