Ramos: "Ambition is important to dispute a final"

NEWS | 01/11/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Jeddah) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero / Antonio Villalba

"We are going to try to make a serious game against an opponent we know to take the title," added the captain (advance).

Sergio Ramos appeared in the press room of the Training Center Ittihad F. C. to analyze the end of the Spain Supercup against Atlético, which will be played this Sunday (7:00 p.m. Spanish, 9:00 p.m. local; Movistar Champions League). The captain explained the keys to lift the title: “One of the most important things to dispute a final is ambition, not getting tired of winning and maintaining the same illusion. Madrid has maintained it over the years. ”

“It is a prize to be able to play a new final and we do it before an opponent that we know and that has also made merits to be here. We have to try to make a serious game, make the least possible mistakes and take the title. Small details will be important, we measure ourselves to a great rival. "

Rivalry against Atlético

“The word enemy is quite ugly, there is rivalry. In my case, I don't see any team as an enemy, it's a direct rival. It is true that it satisfies more than winning other teams, and more having a title in between. ”

“He is an uncomfortable opponent, who has a great coach and a great team. We are here and we will fight to take the title. The percentage of victories against them is high and we will try to keep it. ”


“I don't think he has been disrespected. The opinions are respectable, but if anyone knows this costume it is Zidane. We come from a very good run, regardless of the tactical approach that has been made. We go through a pretty good run and we will try to extend it as much as possible. ”

Your state

“I am in a very good moment of my career. When you perform at a high level, the team benefits. I try to always contribute my best level. "

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