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NEWS | 10/02/2019

The captain already has 85 goals with Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos did the first goal of Real Madrid before Bruges and premiered his scoring locker in this course. The captain has scored in his 15 seasons as a Real Madrid player and has reached 85 goals. The target against the Belgian team was thanks to a header, the same specialty with which he made his first goal against Olympiacos in Athens in December 2005.

His best season in this aspect was 2018/19, in which he scored 11 times. Among these many is one in the Club World Cup final against Al Ain, and he joined his decisive goals to raise titles such as in the Tenth, the Eleventh, the Club World Cup 2014 or the third European Super Cup.


Throughout these 15 seasons, Sergio Ramos He distributes his goals among six competitions: League (59), Champions League (12), Copa del Rey (7), Club World Cup (3), European Super Cup (2 and Spain Supercup (2).

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