Ramos: "It hurts us because we wanted to dedicate a win to the fans"

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NEWS | 08/24/2019

"We played a good game and we deserved better results," Varane explained.

The Real Madrid Valladolid was measured in the first game of the season in the Santiago Bernabeu. At the end of the meeting, Sergio Ramos He said: “You go home with a bittersweet taste. After a good first half with great intensity and creating scoring chances, today we have not had fortune. After the wear of the first half we have lowered the physical level and that is why we have generated fewer chances. In the end it is a mistake to have missed all three points, which were very positive. ”

"It's a shame 1-1. It hurts because it was the first game with our fans and we wanted to dedicate the win to the people. We are indebted to them and we will win again. The road is to continue working and learn to defend the results" .

Talk in the field

“In the end, communication in the field is very important. When a partner is in a hurry, you have to talk about it and those details make a difference. We got carried away by the heart and went for the second goal. ”


"The Real Madrid Just think of winning. What is generated around tries to leave out. The pressure increases a little more after last season, which was not good. You want to excite the fans and there are many people who depend on that illusion and go home disgusted. "

James and Bale

“Everyone who forms the template must be available to the coach and the coach makes the decisions. Bale Y James They are two great players. No one doubts that they will be active for whatever they decide Zidane"

The way is to continue working and learn to defend the results.

“All that is to talk about players who are not there is to disrespect the squad. If the result had not been today, this question about Neymar would not have been generated. We are happy with the players we have and can compete from you to you with any team. ”


"The Madrid must have two great archers and I think he has them with Courtois Y Keylor Navas I know it is a difficult situation for the coach and the goalkeepers. It is also necessary competition and Real Madrid It has to have the best. ”

Varane: "We played a good game and deserved to win"

“We played a good game and we deserved a better result. We could have scored earlier to be calm during the game. It has cost us to score and then in the end we fit the goal. We have done a good first part, but we have lacked a bit. ”

“We have seen occasions and created danger to the rival. We will work so that in the next game we will not fail in that. In football things go very fast. We have to keep working, we are focused and pursuing our goals ”.

Role of the strikers

“The strikers have done very well, luck and precision have been lacking in the last gesture. There is no fault with them. Things happen like this in football, you have to be positive and keep improving. ”

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