Ramos: "It is an award for work, perseverance and balance"

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NEWS | 07/16/2020 | Barbara Jiménez

"Achieving 10 wins in a row is spectacular, it is a job for the whole team," added Courtois.

He Real Madrid champion of League after beating Villarreal in the Say Stéfano on the penultimate day of the championship. At the end of the meeting, Ramos He stated: “It is an award for work, perseverance and balance. When you do it right you end up having the reward. It has much merit despite what they may say. It has been an atypical season after the lived, but after the confinement we were clear that it was necessary to win all the parties to have the possibility of obtaining the title ".

"Barcelona got two points from us and the margin of error did not exist in our head, and we have shown this. There are 34 Suspenders and on a personal level it is my fifth. Being regular has been the most important thing. It is the Coronavirus League and hopefully there will be no more. ”


"It is key, the skipper of the boat is the one that has to step forward and make a difference for the rest. He has always been a person who has placed trust in the player and we feel very protected. We believe in him and In his work, everything he touches is the holy hand. May he last a long time and be valued for the great person he is. He is a unique coach.

Continue more years in Madrid

"Those who want the president. It is not up to me, I am delighted here and everyone knows it. I would like to finish my career here. I am happy and calm. Hopefully I can retire here. ”

Courtois: "Ten wins in a row is spectacular ”

"I am very happy, it is a dream come true to have won a League with this club. Defense has been key. If you score five goals per game you can afford to fit two, but on the return we have conceded very few and it is important to have this solidity from behind. Attacked with 11 and defended with 11 ".

Asensio: "We have made an impressive League final winning 10 games in a row."

"I am here to stop and give points, just as the forwards have to score. It is a job for the whole team. The objective was to win everything. We have done as in the Euro Cup and the World Cup: go match by match. Achieve 10 consecutive victories It is spectacular and it has been shown that everyone has worked during the confinement. I trusted my team fully and it has been seen that we have done it. "


“He has made the team plan and brought us here. He has trusted the team from the beginning and we have succeeded. "


“My neck hurts a little, but it seems like I have a hard head. The doctor has seen me well, I have seen that I did not feel any dizziness and I was able to continue. "

Asensio: "It was an impressive League final"

"I am very happy to achieve another League with this club. There has been a lot of work behind to reach these decisive moments and we are super happy to be able to win one more title with him. Real Madrid. You always imagine the best and think positively because that's what you work for. You expect the results to be seen and it has been so. We have made an end of League impressive, we have won 10 games in a row and personally I am also happy to participate in this League, to enjoy with my teammates and bring another title for Real Madrid.


"The first thing to be and feel good, and with the team we had to win all 11 games, there is one left, but the League is won. It was the objective, it was not easy. The work of everyone in the club has been seen. ”

How will you remember this year

“I will remember it because it has been a special year, with hard moments and very happy moments such as the comeback and winning another title with him. Madrid. It's been a year since my injury and ending the season this way is impressive. ”

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