Ramos: "It's a pride to be back in the world eleven voted by the players"

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NEWS | 09/23/2019 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

The captain, Marcelo, Modric and Hazard attended Realmadrid TV after being included in the ideal FIFA team.

Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Modric Y Hazard they attended Realmadrid TV after being included in the FIFA FIFPro World11 2019, which was announced at the Best FIFA Awards gala held at the Scala in Milan. The captain said: “It is a huge privilege to be back in the world eleven voted by the players. It is a joy, a reward for the work, sacrifice and effort of many years. It is a very nice time to enjoy. ”

“It's a very special night for him Madrid Because coming to represent our team is a reward for the effort that comes and goes for so many years. We can enjoy this gala thanks to the work of our teammates and coach, we are grateful to all of them. "


“I am very happy and motivated that the world of football and teammates recognize you within the ideal eleven. It is a tremendous pride. It's a privilege to enjoy football tonight and hopefully I can enjoy many more years. ”

Passion for football

“Despite all the speculation that is generated, the numbers speak for themselves. Silence is the loudest scream. We are dedicated to play, to be happy in this profession, because putting passion on things usually end up dating. We will try to have a good season and see if next year we can repeat here. ”

Hazard: "It is an honor to be here"

“I feel very good and very happy to be here for the second year in a row. I am very proud to be able to play football and be in the ideal team. I'm really enjoying the moment, it's an honor to be with so many great players. ”

Marcelo: "It's an individual prize but without my teammates it wouldn't be possible."

“Last season was very good. I won titles, in addition to making good matches, I scored goals and with Real Madrid I hope to do it this season. Not only do trophies motivate me, I also try to do my best every time I train and play a game. Like I did with Chelsea I want to do it with him Real Madrid"

Play with Real Madrid

“For me, playing with this team is like a dream, I am happy to fulfill one of my dreams. On Sunday against Sevilla we won and played a good game and I hope we continue to win and thus be able to make the fans happy. ”

Marcelo: "Madrid is always here"

"I'm very happy. It is an individual prize but without my partners it would not be possible. I work every day to give the maximum within the field and for the Madrid win everything and let's be happy. Without my family it would not be possible to win all these things. Last season was difficult but I'm looking forward to this season ending well. ”

“Last season we didn't win titles, but there are players who work all season and do unusual things to be here. Although there are people who doubt and do not want them to be Madrid, Madrid is always there ”.

Your recovery

“I am much better off the injury. You have to be a little cautious and go slowly. Today I went to the grass but we have to wait a little longer. ”

Modric: "This is achieved with work and sacrifice"

“I am happy to be here again. This is achieved with work and sacrifice, and also with the support of coaches and partners because without them it is impossible to achieve it. For me, this award is one of the best awards because rival players vote for you and that makes you happy and proud and you have to thank the love. ”

"It is very important that there are four players from Real Madrid. This means that people recognize us and we do things well, although some say otherwise. This only shows that he appreciates what we do and what we did. "

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