Ramos matches Gento's 283 victories in La Liga with Real Madrid

NEWS | 08/17/2019 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"The result has been fair and we have seen a great Real Madrid," added the captain, who is already the fourth Madrid player with the most wins in this competition.

Sergio Bouquets participated in the Real Madrid victory in Balaído and is already the fourth Madrid player with the most wins in the League. The captain has matched the record of Gento, which won 283 matches with the white team in this competition. Ramos analyzed the debut in this edition against Celta: "Achieving a victory away from home is a good way to start the competition. We have to focus on what we have done, on the good physical preparation of the preseason and that we have reached match in the best way. The result has been quite fair and we have seen a great Real Madrid"

“You have to turn the page. We cannot lament for the past season or celebrate the last one we won. This has started from scratch, with lots of energy and enthusiasm. You have to aim for all three competitions. "

First win

“We do not look at anyone and focus on ourselves. You have to add three by three. That is the way. It is the first game and much remains. The Real Madrid It has come with great desire, but you have to keep a balance. ”

It is the 15th edition of Liga de Ramos at Real Madrid.

“We have stayed with one less. Everything that protects football is good. That decision has hurt us today, but we have to see it again. Modric He had no bad intention of giving it to a partner. I have spoken with the referees, who had doubts; They have gone to see her and made that decision. The VAR is for that and this time it has hurt us. ”

Fourth Real Madrid in league wins
Bouquets he has needed 420 games to reach 283 league wins, while Gento He played 427 to have that number of wins. Ahead of both players are Sanchis (312), Raul (327) and Boxes (334).

This is the 15th edition of the League that Bouquets start with the Real Madrid. Throughout his career as a Real Madrid player, he has the seventh best mark of club matches in this competition, which he has won four times. In addition, his scoring record in the League is 59 points, with the 2016/17 edition being the best in this regard (7).

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