Ramos: "Mentality has been the most important thing"

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NEWS | 09/26/2020

"Playing for Real Madrid you are always looking for victory," added Valverde.

He Real Madrid took the three points from Benito Villamarín after win 2-3 at Betis. Valverde and Sergio Ramos, scorers against the Andalusian team, analyzed the match. The captain thus appreciated the team's work: “We started very well the first 15 minutes. We dominated until we scored the first goal, which gave us confidence, and in the end we suffered. If you give the ball to quality teams that like to have the ball, they create chances and can score you. The most important thing was the mentality and, after that, the team came out wanting to come back and that's how it was. Insisting, we drew fast and got back into the game ”.

“It helps us to learn. Not all matches are going to come back. The other day we played very well and we lacked punch. Today we have created many chances, with a great second half in which we dominated and achieved the three points, which are good for us ”.

Club financial effort

“Those decisions do not depend on us. We already did it last season so that all employees could collect their full salary. "

Ramos: "We have created many occasions, with a great second half in which we have dominated."

"We are always helping our club in a solidary way, that is what we must do because of the repercussion we have. When that help is needed we always give it."

Controversial plays

"I would have to see them again because it catches me estranged and I am not here to make a judgment of specific plays. As they tell us it was a clear penalty, but nothing can change now. Sometimes they have helped us and others hurt us, but that is football. The referee is there to do his best and I don't think he will ever do it in an intentional way ”.

Valverde: "In Madrid they always seek victory"

“The first half we started very well, but then we went backwards and they have high quality players and that's why they turned the game around. The coach made us change the chip at half-time. Playing in the Real Madrid victory is always sought and if things don't go well we get angry. Today we were able to win and that is a nice motivation ”.

"It was difficult for me to return after confinement and you have to be self-critical. The opportunities are there to take advantage of them and today I took advantage of it very well. Goal who goal the important thing is to add a victory ”.

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