Ramos, scorer in his last two games against Valladolid

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NEWS | 08/22/2019 | Javier Vazquez

The captain saw a door at José Zorrilla in 2014 and at the Bernabéu last season.

The scoring figures of Sergio Ramos they are spectacular for a defender and at the beginning of his 15th season in the Real Madrid accumulate 84 points. This weekend the white team receives Real Valladolid, a rival against whom Ramos has demonstrated his scoring ability as he has scored in his last two precedents. In addition, the captain saw a door in both José Zorrilla and the Santiago Bernabeu.

Bouquets He has played 9 games against Valladolid, all of them with the Real Madrid. In the most recent it is when he has had an outstanding role, since in the 2013/14 season he scored the Real Madrid goal in the visit to the Pucelanos with a sensational free kick. Last season he repeated as a scorer and sentenced in the Bernabéu penalty a match that ended 2-0 for Real Madrid.

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