Ramos: "The Champions League is special for players and for Real Madrid"

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NEWS | 02/24/2020 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"There is no time to lament, we are obliged to continue working with the same desire and enthusiasm," said the captain.

Sergio Bouquets appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid a day before the game that white people will play against Manchester City in the Santiago Bernabeu, corresponding to the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League (Wednesday, 9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League): “The Champions It is always a special competition. The anthem is already an extra motivation before the matches begin not only for the players but for the fans and for Real Madrid. It is no coincidence that we have that historic record of Champions and that is why that value and that magic that is created so special to link players and fans to this competition is given. There are plenty of words and it is a privilege to enjoy Champions games because it is exciting and very motivating. ”

“Soccer for good and for bad are results. The team has not changed in many things. We have lost games playing well as is the case of the last in the field of Levante. The team played a great game, we did a lot of good things but we weren't fine for the goal and in the end that ends up penalizing you in football. That is worth it. The team has continued to work independently of the results and that is the best way to keep looking for the goal, which is not only to play well but to achieve results. The team is going through a good moment and we will try to prove it in the field. "

Demonstrate with facts

"We are looking forward to demonstrating it within the field. Talk less and demonstrate with facts. This week comes the moment of truth both in the Champions as in the Classic and we have an ideal opportunity to take an important step and take a blow at the table, especially winning, which is what we are looking for. There is no time to lament because we are in a delicate moment of the season and that forces us to continue working with the same desire and enthusiasm. The results end up coming when you work with that mentality. ”

Do you feel that there is an arbitration persecution?

“Persecuted perhaps not. The arbitral philosophy in Europe is different from the Spanish one. It is neither better nor worse, it is simply more permissive in certain things. I think that I have been taking care of my relationship with the referees in recent years. Except for the anecdote of the previous game, which is personal, I think I have a good relationship with the other referees. ”

Lack of goal

“Everyone's opinion is respectable. We have been all season and nobody has talked about lack of goal. If they did not put the ones on top they did the ones on the back. In these last matches we have not lacked chances, we have lacked that goal. It is a bit advantageous to talk about it now by leading three or four games with bad results. There is still season and we will see if we can really emphasize the goal but I think the team does many things very well. ”

Rivalry with Guardiola

“I have a lot of respect for him. I think it's a great coach, with a lot of experience and their numbers speak for themselves. What motivates us a lot is the Champions, regardless of the players or rival coaches for the past they have had. We are motivated by the Champions League and the present is to beat the City. Personally, I only think about going through the next phase. ”

We have to be ourselves and not fear anyone regardless of the rival before us.

“We are going through a great moment between the club and me in all aspects and we are in no hurry to renew. Neither by the club nor by mine. We will reach an understanding regardless of what the club wants. I have never demanded neither one, nor two years nor four. I understand the philosophy of the club that when the players are a certain age they do it for a year. "


"They are trying to create a distance that does not exist. Neither the club nor I are here to talk about my renewal now. The most important thing is the Champions and the League, which are two competitions we have to fight for. Surely we will reach an agreement because if the club wants me to stay here, I will continue. ”

Possible penalty for your statements

“I am not afraid of being sanctioned. I don't think he said anything out of place or disrespected the referee. We live in a democratic country so that everyone expresses what they want. I do not think that it has happened to me of that limit that we must not cross ”.


“As captain I am not to judge. We are older and professional to know what we have to do and the team we represent. That's what the master is for, to make decisions. With the bad news of Hazard, hopefully he will recover as soon as possible and come back because he will be an important player in the coming years, when the coach wants to pull any player there is no better way than to show him the wide range of fans and can pull one and be prepared . The competition is good and that all the problems you have Zidane be those, that have where to choose and that we are all to contribute and add to the group ”.


“The most delicate moment comes because the margin of error is minimal and it can cost you a title. The situation and the pressure that is generated makes us different players. It is a decisive week and that is where uncles are seen. We depend on ourselves and it's time to talk in the field and not outside. ”

Defensive strength

“We will try to continue in the dynamics of before. We had kept very few spaces between the lines and were more attentive in the aids. We have emphasized that. It is not a matter of the defensive zone. When the team wins we do it all and when we lose too. We want to show again that defensive solidity that has led us to be where we are. ”

Memories of last year

“The greatness of this club is to reset yourself every year and you cannot settle for what you have won or what you have not achieved. You can't be sorry, there's no time. We must give importance to this moment, which is the most important. You have to leave aside any doubts and when you go out to the field you have to make it convinced and that the rival not notice any doubt or weakness about you ”.

The mysticism of the Bernabéu

“We are going to try to solve the games before the last minutes arrive. We have to do self-criticism of what has been done wrong and keep improving. In the Bernabeu, the 90 minute philosophy creates an energy and a special magic that is very rewarding for us. If we do not live it, better, because it will mean that it is a good result. When the results do not come out at home you feel that you are indebted to the fans. She is used to seeing you win at home. The pressure is this shield. Be a player of Real Madrid It requires that and is an added pressure. It is what makes you different and makes you great. ”


“He is the first person who knows how to handle times and nerves very well in this type of games. We will try not to fall eliminated and statistically these years have been very favorable but we have a very complicated opponent. Zidane transmit that tranquility to the group. We have to be ourselves and not fear anyone regardless of the rival before us. ”

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