Ramos: "The Classic is not a match like the others"

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NEWS | 02/27/2020

"It will be very disputed, for the time of the season in which we arrived and because the difference in points is minimal," said the captain.

Sergio Bouquets He granted an interview to LaLiga in which he analyzed the match against Barcelona, ​​which will be played this Sunday (9:00 pm; Movistar LaLiga) in the Santiago Bernabeu: “It's not a normal game. Although there are three points at stake, as in any other match, the Classic is not a duel like the others. Winning Barcelona is a great joy. In addition, it usually has a very positive impact on the group at the mood level. "

"Both teams know it and it is something that must be managed in the best way to turn it into an incentive that pushes you towards victory. Since the beginning of the week you already live in a different way. It generates a lot of media movement, but that is also what makes the game great, to the League, to the players… What it feels is something that is carried inside, it is very difficult to express ”.


“Being the player who has played the Classic the most times is a tremendous joy. I hope I can continue playing many more. That will be a good sign, because it will mean that I am still many more years here. And if it can be winning, the better. It is also a prize for work and sacrifice for so many years. One does not play football for individual prizes, but it is very gratifying to get personal challenges and break statistics of players that seemed unattainable. It is very motivating. ”

Importance of the meeting

“It will be very disputed, for the moment of the season in which we arrived and because the difference in points between the two is minimal. It can be decisive or not depending on the result, but I believe that the League He still has a lot left. There are many points at stake and everything can happen. For us it would be very important to achieve this victory at home, with our fans, which also means an extra incentive for us and greater satisfaction if we win. With them we are stronger and that has to be noticed. Hopefully we can hit the table and win at home. ”


“I keep intact the illusion with which I played my first Classic. I do not play that game as if it were the last, I play it as if it were the first, with the maximum ambition and the maximum desire to achieve victory. The secret is in the work, in the dedication, in not losing the ambition; That is fundamental. Staying is difficult, but I try to reset myself to continue fighting to win more titles, maintain the illusion and ambition to get new things. That is one of the keys. ”

Our hobby makes us stronger and that has to be noticed before Barcelona.

“Captaining this team is a tremendous pride. After so many years you are gaining experience, with so many games, so many seasons and so many good and bad experiences. For me it is a privilege and a pride to wear the bracelet of the Real Madrid. Knowing that you are an example for thousands of children and for your own partners is a responsibility. Therefore, I try to behave in the best possible way so that, both my team and all Real Madrid, feel proud of their captain. ”


"It is true that the League It is very competitive, but we are going to fight it. We are very excited to get it and, for that, we have to give our best level. The League every year is more difficult and more evenly matched. Today you cannot say that you will win in any field, because it is not real. Any team can hurt you. That is also the beauty of the Spanish League and what makes it much more exciting. For us, he will have greater satisfaction if we can finally get the title. ”


“He is a great coach, not only because of the numbers and all the titles we have achieved with him. As a player he spent many years in the house and manages the dressing codes very well. Not everyone knows how to manage that. At least, not with the naturalness with which he does. Play more or less, you have all the motivated players and that is one of their great virtues. He knows very well the performance he can get from each of us and for me he is the ideal technician for a team like the Real Madrid. Hopefully we can live another era of great titles with him. ”

A special goal in the Classic

“We were losing 1-0 at the Camp Nou and I scored a header after a foul centered by Modric. We tied 1-1 and it ended up being a vital point to win the League. We were champions a few days later in the field of Malaga. It was a very important goal, because when they end up giving you titles they always have a different relevance. ”

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