Ramos: "There is no need to relax, nothing has been gained and points remain at stake"

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NEWS | 07/13/2020 | Barbara Jiménez

"We have two finals left and we have to win them," added Courtois.

He Real Madrid he beat Granada in the Nuevo Los Cármenes. At the end of the meeting, Sergio Ramos summed up the team's work: “You don't have to relax, you haven't earned anything and you have to keep wanting to conquer the League. It is one step closer, but there are still points at stake. We depend on ourselves at home against Villarreal and we will try to win all that remains, which was the objective. Hopefully we can celebrate this League. The team has done a lot of merit to be on top and the results speak for themselves. ”

“Unconsciously, you go into that mistake of letting your guard down and intensity after having a favorable score and instead of going for the third goal, perhaps we will settle for this result and if you don't stay focused for 90 minutes, you won't win anyone. This has to make us reflect to continue learning for the future. Even though victory has been achieved, there are things you cannot fall into, such as ending up conceding a goal after taking many games without doing so.

Huge rhythm and level

"We fall into that mistake all the teams. There are things that must continue to be promoted so that they are not repeated, but it is inevitable. You see victory on the scoreboard and that's the mistake. If the same rhythm could be maintained during the 90 minutes we would have won all the games and it cannot. The level is enormous, there is more and more equality between the rivals ”.

The league

"It would mean a lot. The championship is an award for consistency, consistency and hard work throughout the year. "

Ramos: "The team has made many merits to be on top, the results speak for themselves."

"The confinement came in handy to react and to take our return very seriously. We prepared those two months very well at home and when we joined we had that championship goal and we are there in the fight. Hopefully we can celebrate it on Thursday".

Courtois: "We have two finals left and we have to win them"

"Winning the nine games after the break says a lot because it is not easy to play in complicated fields like Real, Athletic, Espanyol … They are teams that were playing something and it is not easy. Today Granada have given up their lives and in our first half we played well and scored two goals, in the second we started a little bad with the goal against, but we have known how to suffer and it is important. It is a good victory and I hope we can finish it off in our stadium. ”

Stop at minute 35

“Knowing that I can't go for the ball, I use my height and reflexes to make an important stop. Also at the beginning of the first part, I clench with my fist a dangerous ball that if I don't go out I think the striker could have got it. I try to help the team as always ”.

Second part and Zidane's message

"He told us that we had to have more possession and use the speed of Rodrygo and Asensio, but Granada was very tight and it was not easy. We have experience and we know that we don't have to lose our minds. You have to be focused and at the highest level and we have known how to do it, as shown by my stoppage and other dangerous plays in the area that we have solved well. It was a great effort by the team in the second half. It wasn't our best football, but you have to know how to suffer sometimes to win ”.

Nine wins

"Many people believe that being the Madrid We win every game, but it's not easy. In complicated fields something can always happen. In the League there is a lot of quality, many teams that play well. And they are complicated matches where you don't always win and we have. We have two finals left and we have to win them ”.

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