Ramos: "This victory is very good for us"

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NEWS | 03/02/2020 | Barbara Jimenez

"I am very happy for the team and for what we have done on the field," said Casemiro, who added his 100th victory in the league.

Sergio Ramos attended the media after the victory of Real Madrid about Barcelona (2-0) in the Santiago Bernabeu. The white captain stressed the importance of this triumph: “Winning a Classic is very positive. After the last results, which were not positive, and having lost the leadership, we wanted to claim against our fans and against a great rival like Barcelona. It was a unique opportunity to depend on us and what better way than keeping a good difference and with the goal to zero … There are three important points. There is a lot left League ahead and you have to have your feet on the ground. We have to add the maximum possible points. ”

“This victory is very good for us. In the end, we gave the ball to Barcelona. We decided to be more retracted. I don't know if it was better or worse, but it was the decision we made. They had control of the ball, but they didn't generate chances. When you face Barcelona you are not afraid. Yes, it is true that there is great respect, but we knew how to play a good game. ”


“In the end when the results do not accompany you, you end up feeling in debt for that unconditional love. When he Bernabeu Squeeze gives us a plus. Such a victory helps us to be together. We wanted to do it with a victory and it has been achieved. Now to keep us and try to give them satisfaction with titles, not just victories. ”

Defense in the second part

“In the second part we change the approach. We wanted to hurt them by pressing up, stealing in the opposite field and we got a better result. We started to create occasions and in the end insisting we managed to make the goal. And after the goal we didn't back down and went to kill the game. ”

We wanted to claim against our fans and against a great rival like Barcelona.

“These are phases that we go through in the game. These are decisions that are made based on how you see the opponent and your own team. We feel safer as well. We don't know if it's better or worse, but we did it. We are happy with the result and to recover the leadership. Now to keep us up as much as possible. ”


“Mistakes here are lessons. It should help us to improve and become stronger. The self-criticism this team has taken great. It is the best act of humility to keep growing. ”

Messi defense

“He is one of the best soccer players in history. Messi creates a constant uncertainty and you have to be more aware. He is the most decisive of his team, but Marcelo, Casemiro and I paid attention to close the spaces. The defensive work was very good and that gives the team peace of mind. ”

Casemiro: "They are three very important points"

Casemiro added in the Classic his 100th victory in the league with the Real Madrid. So far he has played 144 matches in the championship and has scored 16 goals. After the victory against Barcelona, ​​he said: “I am very happy for the team, for how we played and for what we have done on the field. They are three very important points. We were not doing badly but in the last minutes we missed the game. Today we have shown that we are very strong, it is important that people trust us. We played well but there is still a lot League and many matches. "

"We must thank the Bernabeu for supporting us until the end. Together we will achieve many successes. We count on them. Vinicius Jr. That goal deserves a lot. They are celebrations that come from the heart. At the break I told him that he had to go to the goal. Yes Karim It is better positioned to be given but, if not, it must be thrown away. Then he told me that in the play of the goal he thought about that. He made a great game. ”

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