Ramos: "We depend on ourselves and we want to win this League"

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NEWS | 07/05/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"We have to face the end of the championship strong, with joy and motivation," said Valverde.

He Real Madrid continues firm in the leadership after beating Athletic in San Mamés (0-1). Sergio Ramos, author of both the victory, noted: “The three points were very important. We knew it was one of the most important games we had left in this League. In Bilbao we always have an opponent in front of us who makes things very complicated. We had 11 finals left after the confinement and we had to go step by step to try to add the three points in each match ”.

“We have once again demonstrated a great physical level against an opponent like this and the team has been prepared. Fortunately we depend on ourselves and we want to win this League. From the first minute they have been able to see the desire to go for the game, although not everyone can win 3-0. This was a final. "


“We talked after the confinement that the team that would make a difference in the League It would be the one with the least errors and the goal to zero for the longest time. We can say that we are good defensively and that we balance the team, that motivates the attackers a lot. When you are awarded, you not only have to look at those who score, but also at those who defend. ”


"The League we are not going to win it thanks to the referees nor are we going to lose it for them. Whoever has made mistakes and has not achieved the results, I think should be self-critical and blame the players. There is no merit to the arbitrators so that the Real Madrid be first ”.

Mindset to shoot penalties

“The only thing I think about is the three points when I shoot a penalty. It is in those moments of uncertainty and tension that I feel comfortable. I think I am the ideal person to assume that responsibility and the results are there. I would be delighted many more times and always when you help the team, much better ”.

Ramos: "It is in moments of uncertainty and tension that I feel comfortable."

“In the end the individual statistics are secondary, but they are important. No matter who scores the goal, the main thing is to go for the League.Also it is to add three by three and remain first in the table. The individual awards are rewarding, but I would have been into tennis if I wanted to have individual titles. ”

Controversial play

“It is true that I step on Raúl's boot, but he is behind me and I don't see him. It is not a decisive move, the ball is not in a goal execution and I don't think there was much more ”.

Valverde: "Strong, with joy and motivation"

“It has been noticed that it was going to be a very difficult match. He is an opponent who fights for each ball as if it were the last, but when you take the victory it is very satisfying. In the first half we did not know how to counter what they were doing, which was to win the second ball. We had to correct it and we did it during the second half. The coach told us to correct it and move lines forward in the field. "

"We have to face this end of League strong, with joy and motivation. With the support of the fans, who cannot see us. But their messages give us a lot of motivation and we have to thank them for their support. This title, if we can get it, is for them ”.

Midfielders work

"Midfielders try to help the defenders and we contribute that grain of sand. Personally, I am very happy, not so much with the ball, but with the work I have done ”.

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