Ramos: "We must win yes or yes"

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NEWS | 10/28/2019

"With work, effort and dedication things are taken out," explained the captain.

Sergio Bouquets accompanied to Zidane in the press room of Ali Sami Yen. The captain said: “What he has in mind Madrid In spite of all that has happened, it is winning. It is the word that best defines the club and is what we want to do tomorrow after the last matches. We want to claim, the Champions and with the last result we had, we have to win yes or yes ”.

“Everyone knows that the costumes are to death with Zidane And whatever happens is the image that the team should always give, a team that still trusts its coach as well as the coach in its players. Today I would have liked the results to be different, but the Madrid He always comes back and what better way to do it than together. Continuing to work is the dynamic that touches us and the results are what will put everything in its place ”.

Current situation

“There are many things to improve and we are the first to be realistic and do things to change. The first minutes of the games seem to cost us and we have to work on that so that it does not happen again. In the end you keep the result of the other day and for me we did not deserve to lose in Mallorca, but in the first minutes we could have done more things. We don't have to waste any minutes from the time the referee whistles until it finishes. Throughout the season we have made good matches at the offensive and defensive level, in football you live from the goal and facing goal we are not very successful. ”


“I can tell you a little about the team's feeling, which only thinks about winning tomorrow. It does not go beyond an opinion or what several people can claim. Sometimes in football the measuring wand is different for some and for others and from there you can draw the conclusion you want. We are very calm, with work, effort and dedication things are taken out. What Madrid asks us is that we give everything within the field and then many things can happen. Attitude is something that is not negotiated and that cannot be criticized by Real Madrid. ”


“First, thank you very much for the welcome we have had in Turkey. Falcao seems like a great player, we have suffered for some years. It's a 9, a killer and although I understand that he has not played for several weeks, we do not know if he is going to start or not. He is a great forward and a threat to the rival team. ”

The Champions League is a great competition in which we have experience.

“The team wants to win again and live in that atmosphere of tranquility. The Champions It is a great competition in which we have experience and tomorrow it would be a good step to win here and take on the next game at home with our fans in another way. ”

Start of the matches

“I am not to change anyone's opinion. Everyone is free to give their opinion at any time. We try to improve the mistakes we make and in the first minutes it has been difficult for us to enter, we have to work so that it does not happen again and that we do not lose points for those small details ”.

Coach Change

“It would be very easy to finish by saying that the coach is going to remain the coach at the end of the season, there would never be speculation. After football are results and the coach depends on that, but if every time we tie or lose we are talking about coaches it is uncomfortable for the club, for the coach and for the players. ”


“We think of winning. We do not think if Zidane will continue or not, we think about tomorrow's game, which is the highest priority we have. To talk about whether the coach leaves or we will not have time, I hope that it is not necessary and after all that Zidane has done, I think he deserves respect and that every time a game is tied, there is no talk of dismissing the coach. Zidane is cured of horror and knows the house, the level of demand that our club has and knows that we depend on the results. We have to do what we like, which is to play football and get the results. That is what will make us feel more comfortable with the work done. ”

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