Ramos: "You can't lose it this way"

NEWS | 07/27/2019 | Javier García (New Jersey)

"I really trust this team and Real Madrid," explained the captain.

Sergio Ramos He attended the media after the Madrid defeat in the third game of the preseason. The captain explained: “The feeling is obvious that it is not good at all. This has just begun, they are shooting matches to reach the best level. It can be lost in many ways, but not like today. "

"We have taken it as a friendly, the result is wide, but we are screwed. It is a very bad result and we must try to reach the game we all want."


“Ambition remains intact in this team. We have won a lot, but that is part of the past. You have to forget what happened last season, this is a preseason and it is early to draw conclusions and make assessments. We must continue training as we have done every day and little by little we will reach the best level to face the season. ”


“The difference in football is that, we have played a friendly match and they have taken it as if it were a final. That intensity must be put in every game. Today they have surpassed us in intensity, second balls, pressure and face goal have been very fine ”.

They have surpassed us in intensity, pressure and face to goal have been very fine.

“In the end it is still our direct rival in the city and Madrid will be annoyed like us because whenever you lose you can not go home happy. We are rolling to take the best level and the conclusions will be drawn when the League and let's start competing in official matches. ”

Talk at the break

“We talked about forgetting the first part, it was the best thing to try to win the second. I insist that it is too early to make assessments. We will try to get well at the beginning of the competition. They are results. Football has that, that after winning so much people grab a season. I've been here a lot and not for two games you can value a season. The coach is happy with how we have worked here and now we will gradually pick up the pace and find ourselves better. ”


“I fully trust and after so many years here, if I thought that this team is not capable of winning, I would be the first to not stay. I really trust this team and Real Madrid. ”


“Missing what you don't have or those who have been and left is to be unfair to the team. With the players we have we try to perform our best. The team is well worked, we know each other for many years and I don't think it's time to worry about that. ”


“The press lives with us, you have to release news, some are true and some are not, but we do not worry about what happens. We are happy with Bale and the future of each player depends on oneself. ”

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