Ramos: "You have to do self-criticism, there are many points at stake"

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NEWS | 03/08/2020 | Javier Vázquez (Seville) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"We should have had more intensity, fought more and it hasn't been that way," said the captain.

The Real Madrid could not with Betis in Benito Villamarín. At the end of the meeting, Bouquets He said: “It's football and when things are not done as we have been rehearsing all week it is normal. Betis has made his football and we have been very intermittent, with good game phases, but not enough. The result is quite fair, we have to do self-criticism. Today we have not been well at all. There is a lot of League, we do not take any points to defend the leadership and now we have to continue scoring three by three and waiting for the top one to fail. ”

“We have settled back. We should have had more intensity, struggled more and it hasn't been that way. As we did not go crazy the previous week with the three points against Barcelona today we will not regret. There are 11 games left and many points at stake. If we want to be champions, opportunities cannot be missed. We know that this field is complicated and a difficult opponent. We will reflect to become stronger. ”

Penalty kick taken by Benzema

“The important thing is the mood of the group. It suited him to gain confidence and that was the goal. ”

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