Raúl, on the 25th anniversary of his debut: “It was a unique moment, the one I remember most dearly”

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NEWS | 10/29/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

The Madrid legend recalls that October 29, 1994, in which he played in La Romareda his first game with the white team.

On October 29, 1994, the legend of one of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid began to be written in Zaragoza. That day, in La Romareda, he debuted Raul. He defended the Madrid shield for 16 seasons, in which he won 3 European Cups, 2 Intercontinental, 1 European Super Cup, 6 Leagues and 4 Spanish Super Cups. Raul holds the record of matches with Real Madrid (741) and is the second top scorer in its history, with 323 goals.

On the 25th anniversary of its premiere with the Real Madrid, and posing in the Alfredo Di Stefano next to the shirt he wore that day in Zaragoza, Raul reviewed on Realmadrid.com his debut and his career in the club. The 7 recalled that October 29, 1994: “It was a unique moment, the one I remember with more affection because without that day I could not have had that career that I dreamed of and that lasted many years. All those dreams I had of being a footballer came true that day. ”

Goals with history: Raúl season 1994 - 1995

“I have many memories of where I lived, I was very young, I was practically a kid, and the dream I had since I was very young to be a professional came true by putting on that shirt that October 29 in Zaragoza. When I see that shirt I remember many things that I lived as a child ”.

La Romareda

“Zaragoza… Look how things are, there I played my first and last game. In the first one I had many occasions and I did not score any goal, and in my last game with the shirt of the Real Madrid, injured in the ankle on a play before the change was made, I ran to the goal, Christian I passed the ball and I could score that last goal and it was on that stage. My first and last game with the shirt of the Real Madrid They were in Zaragoza. I'm very fond of that city and the La Romareda stadium. ”

“With 17 years you don't realize the responsibility of playing in the Real Madrid. I was very young and what I was passionate about was playing football. Butragueño He was one of the players that helped me the most. It was his last year at the club, I could live his farewell, it had been a symbol not only for him Real Madrid but for Spanish football. The only thing I tried was to enjoy, try to make the most of each day, try to take advantage of that moment because I didn't know how long it would last. Little by little I managed to start the second season, the third … ”

He 7

“In my first year I played with 17, when the shirts were made with the names and numbers of the players. In the stage of Capello, when it arrives in the year 96, I already have the 7 and it was a bit of responsibility because they had carried him symbols of Real Madrid that are marked in the memory of Real Madrid. It was always a responsibility, but not only the 7 but wear the shield of Real Madrid in every moment".

Raúl, synonymous with goal

“Luckily there are many goals, but I always remember the first, just as I remember the October 29 shirt, the debut in Zaragoza. My illusion was to be able to play in the Bernabeu and get that first goal, which was over against Atlético de Madrid in a derby. It was a wonderful and incredible thing, just from Laudrup. I can remember it again and again, it is as if I were seeing it right now. And then, the goal of the Intercontinental, or those of the finals of Champions. Surely many who in one way or another could help the team get three points, try to win one League or be closer to a Champions. Luckily I have been able to help the team with many goals, but the most important thing is the road and that during that road I really enjoyed it ”.

“The statistics are to be broken. Surely someone will come who will break the match record. I feel very happy and proud of all the seasons I was in the club, the games I played, the titles … Surely I could have done more and could have achieved more, but I enjoyed and above all I tried to always give my maximum. I have always tried to help my teammates, coaches, the club, make fans happy in every game they saw Real Madrid And that is the most important thing for me. I have grown up in this house, I arrived with 15 years and, apart from the professional, personally Real Madrid He has given me everything. To my family, to my parents, then I created a family and my children live every game of the Madrid with passion. It is a reciprocal feeling that we feel so much the club with Raul, as Raul with the club. "

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