Raúl: "This is an extraordinary team and we really wanted to win the title"

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NEWS | 08/25/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia (Nyon)

"You suffer a lot in this competition and Benfica was a very good team," explained Chust.

He Real Madrid achieved the 2019/20 Youth League with Raul leading the team in the Final Phase. After concluding the match, the coach said: “This is an extraordinary team and we really wanted to win this tournament. This is comparable to the great moments that I have been able to live as a player. It is beautiful and I want to congratulate them because this is a very important step for their career ”.

“It is a historic day for everyone. I have been lucky to experience many beautiful things and this is one more. The affection of the boys, how they have competed, and doing it in four games, without being used to it, is to feel proud.

Physical level

“For them it was their third game and for us the fourth in nine days after Juventus, Inter and Salzburg. Benfica is a great team, with good players and the boys have suffered. We were better, but in the second half we suffered and we knew it. We were going to be fair on a physical level, but I'm happy for my players because they fought. It has been a tournament ten and I would not change anything ”.

Chust: "The coach has Madrid's DNA very deep in his blood"

“This is an award for all the people who work in the quarry for many years. This belongs to everyone. The Madridistas have supported us during these dates without football and suffering, but they have given us that energy that we lacked ”.

Chust: "It is an enormous pride to represent the best club in the world"

“It is a great pride to represent the best club in the world with these magnificent players. As captain I am very proud of the team we have. I want to remember those people who have not been able to come and have participated in the process like Dani Poyatos. You also have to remember all the people who have been behind us and trust us ”.

“This is a very suffering competition and Benfica was a very good team and that is why they have reached the final. In the second half they pushed because we were physically tired. The coach has that Madrid DNA very deep in his blood and it squeezes us more than anyone until the end and gives us those values ​​that this shirt represents ”.

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