Raúl: "We have an enormous illusion to face this semifinal"

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NEWS | 08/21/2020

"Against Salzburg we must go with patience because they are going to be a demanding 90 minutes," said the coach.

He Real Madrid meets Salzburg in Nyon to contest the semifinals of the Youth League (Saturday, 6:00 pm; #Vamos). In the preview of the meeting, Raul He analyzed the match: “A very long game awaits us, we have to go with patience because it will be a demanding 90 minutes. With the hope of the boys to do it well, I'm sure they will be very well physically and technically ”.

“The team is very excited after the two previous games. We want to give a good performance both individually and collectively. We are very excited to face these semifinals against a very powerful opponent physically and technically. You have to follow this line, be protagonists in the game, take the initiative and I'm sure the boys are going to give their best. We are all going to be very proud of what happens on the pitch ”.

Keys to beat Salzburg

“Trying to shoot more than them, score more goals and run more. We are facing a team that has experience and has won the Youth League. It is a team that accumulates a lot of people at the top, plays direct, but they press high, they try to steal you and have fast players up front. We will try to have the ball to hurt them, be vertical and manage the game times. When we have to suffer, we will have to defend well and when we have to attack, create the greatest possible danger ”.

We are going to do our best and we will all feel very proud of what happens on the pitch.

“The players have managed to play two good games. In one, in a complicated situation after 15 minutes in which they score a goal. In the next match they lacked freshness in the first half, but in the second half they showed a great level. May they continue to enjoy this great opportunity, continue with the same idea and I'm sure that this way we will feel happy when the game is over ”.

Message to players

“It is being a great championship. We have been together for seven weeks since we started and they have to enjoy this trip, which is a unique opportunity. Motivation has to be drawn from within. It will be a game in which Real Madrid will compete and when the game is over I hope to get a good result ”.


“It cost us especially in the first part. We knew that Inter had a very defined way of playing and we lacked patience and calm in the first half. We made a lot of inaccuracies. We were not very successful in the pass, we lost many balls and we gave them arguments to create a problem for us. In the second part, at rest we fixed a couple of details and it was different. We were more successful, the quality of the players came out and we got that first goal. The game was easier, although Inter did not stop having their chances ”.

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