It was sunny in the province of Soria, although you could see the spectacular snowplows, stopped, guarding the road in anticipation of possible snowfall. Yesterday, a day before it seemed that it wanted to snow and it did so sporadically at times. while the drizzle alternated with the snow.

On the roads, Sorians from different parts of the province attended the reading of the Manifesto in Defense of the Legality of the Constitution that was going to be given in the Soria capital.

It would be a little before 12:00, when dozens of supporters and affiliates of VOX, concentrated in the Plaza Mayor of Soria waiting for the event.

People who walked by could see the numerous flags of Spain, while the media were arriving to be observers of the proclamation.

At 12:00 in the morning in the Plaza Mayor of Soria, you could hear the ringing of the clock chimes as the time struck, while Mr. Carmelo Herrero, President of the VOX formation in Soria, introduced the act in the that the Manifesto in Defense of Constitutional Legality was going to be read.

A large group of supporters and affiliates, several dozen in total, surrounded the space where Doña Cristina Esteban Calonje, National Deputy of VOX and Godmother of the province of Soria, began to read the manifesto.

The cold from Soria made him shiver, the wind hindered him, but that did not prevent our Godmother from Soria from reading the manifesto and making VOX's position clear, throughout Spain and in the capital of our province, when it came to protecting and defend the fundamental rights of the Spanish people and the legality of our Constitution that assists and protects us.

Harsh and difficult words in these times, in which a stateless government, which relies on separatists and terrorists, intends to end our constitutional system to replace it with a new regime.

A difficult-to-read manifesto, which leads us to stand firm in the face of the transgressions that are made of our Magna Carta and that move us to defend its legality.

In this way, VOX has manifested itself, in each square of each town hall throughout Spain, in defense of the legality of the Sovereign Constitution, of the Magna Carta endorsed by the Spanish people.

VOX manifesting with this proclamation as the last containment dam, before this treacherous Government, based on inequality and that increases every day the differences between Spaniards from different territories, creating differences between the countryside and the city, between poor and rich and between a majority of abandoned Spaniards and those benefited by the ruling left.

A regime, the current government that, supported by the media, seeks to spread its message, while controlling at all times any dissident opinion at its discretion, censoring it.

Today a few dozen Sorianos have said that they are here, present, to be a retaining wall in the face of social injustice, in the face of the economic waste that this Government makes of the taxes collected from Spaniards, in the face of the inequality that it creates and spreads and in the face of the censorship of the criteria of the Spanish people in the media and on the networks.

Today VOX Soria, as a single heart, has met on this frigid day where the terraces of the hotel businesses were allowed to open as a bad joke to the Soria restaurant. Present in the main square and united to reverse the situation in Soria and Spain, to be the change that is needed in this country and in this province neglected by so many before and ugly by many others.

Today VOX Soria has concentrated to be the containment dam in the face of the communist macropsia that is enervated above the fundamental rights of Spanish society, a regime that sets aside the basic precepts of our Constitution, precepts that protect and protect us , to violate the legality at ease at the hands of coup leaders, separatists and terrorists.

A little after Doña Cristina finished reading the manifesto, various members of the Vox Soria party, Spanish, proceeded to read different articles of our Constitution.

Some articles that are in serious danger due to the interest of this Government to establish a new regime and that with their stalking, put the fundamental rights of Spanish society at risk.

After these readings, they could be seen in silence, while the Spanish anthem was played.

At the end of which, they could be heard chanting loudly.

Long live the king!!!

Long live Spain !!!

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