Vitoria has always had a "something" special. White and warm as none, it is the epicenter of the trilogy written by Eva García Sáenz de Urturi.

The silence of the white city It is the novel that started it all, the one that made Kraken known to us and united us inevitably to his destiny in the face of all the challenges that awaited him in the following two volumes: The water rites Y The lords of time… cas more disturbing than the previous one, more vibrant, making us realize that yes, although we did not pretend, we were already fans of Eva García Sáenz de Urturi.

And there is something special that guides the trilogy from beginning to end, that common climax between the thriller Psychological, history and legends from different regions of the Basque Country and Cantabria that do not allow us to stop reading or even to get the blanket back on the couch.

And now that we have seen on the big screen how the characters look outside the pages … and that the trilogy has already reached even a larger audience, we cannot avoid rewinding in our head why the phenomenon of the City Trilogy began White.

The 5 reasons why you will also become a devotee of the White City Trilogy

1 Because you already have it in paperback!

Yes, yes, as you read.

. Also, above all, its buildings. If you have not yet convinced yourself to reread the first two books, waiting for the third one, here we leave you our five compelling reasons:

1. It will absorb you from the first pages. The novels have an agile rhythm, and they manage to create a need for the reader to always want more.

2. Your captivating protagonist: Kraken will catch you. Unique in its kind. And unrepeatable. The inspector of Vitoria has a personality at the height of the circumstances. He loves potato tortilla skewers and has unorthodox methods, although he is accompanied by a great sense of duty.

3. You will discover a city full of rites, legends and secrets: Vitoria. A place that hides secrets in any corner will completely change your vision of the town!

4. You will know the details of a criminal investigation. You will become the shadow of Kraken, so that you can follow each one of his steps very closely.

5. You will be surprised with its unexpected ending!

And there are two more reasons to tip!

You are a staunch defender of "the book was before the movie" and you will not allow the adaptation to the big screen of The silence of the White City, which started shooting on August 1, I caught you without having read it. A film directed by Daniel Calparsoro and featuring the names of Belén Rueda, Javier Rey or Aura Garrido.

You have lost your hair and it is not because of age, but because of the wait. There are just two months left for the publication of the last volume of the trilogy, The lords of time, And you don't know how to control nerves anymore. Easy: reread the first two deliveries! Surely there are details that have been overlooked and that make this second reading even richer 😉

Why read the White City Trilogy this summer_silencio_ciudad_blancaWhy read the White City Trilogy this summer_ritos_del_aguaWhy read the White City Trilogy this summer_lords_of_time

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