Record of questions answered by the Government during the first five months of the legislature, most of them in alarm

The data shows that during the state of alarm there has been much more control over the Executive than in the ordinary period and they dismantle the opposition's accusations, in this sense.

The amounts are eloquent. In just over five months from the current XIV legislature, in 170 days, the Government has answered 20,221 written questions presented in Congress and in the Senate. This means that of the 27,930 written control initiatives proposed, 72.40% have already been answered, a large part of them during the state of alarm. Between 1 and 15 May alone, 4,114 questions were asked. In that same period of 2018, the number of initiatives was 673.

The figures show a notable increase not only in the questions asked but also in the Government's responsiveness, compared to previous legislatures.

During the first 170 days of the X legislature (2011-2012), 9001 written questions were asked and 4951 were answered, that is, 55%. In the same period of the XII legislature (2016) 12,118 written questions were asked and 3,220 were answered, that is, 26.57%.

These data assume that, despite the exceptional increase in questions, the Government's response rate is currently higher than ever, since the number of written initiatives answered has multiplied by four, compared to the same period 2011-2012 , or by six in the case of the year 2016.

It so happens that despite the avalanche of questions taking place in the midst of an unprecedented health emergency, the work of the Relations with the Courts services has been extraordinary, responding to more questions during the state of alarm than in ordinary period.

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